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The Healing Testimony Of: Steve Branham  "From Pain To Praise"

"He Touched Me"
Eleanor Adams

My name is Steve Bramham, I’m 52 years old, and I have been healed by the Grace of our Almighty Lord and Savior. In 1986 I severely injured my back in an on-the-job work accident. I ruptured two discs in my lower back at levels L4 and L5. After many months of therapy to relieve my pain, the doctors decided that surgery was needed.

They performed what is called a lamenectomy and fusion. This procedure involved making an incision from the middle of my back down to my buttocks. Then cutting through several layers of muscle to reach the spine. Donor bone from my right hip was taken to use in the fusion process. I was bedridden for nearly 4 months and not permitted to return to work for a year after this surgery. But the pain continued. And in fact was worsening.

About five years after the surgery and with a constant level of pain, the doctors realized that the initial fusion had not taken and was unstable. They needed to go back in for a second operation. This time the doctors did what is called an anterior fusion, meaning they went through the abdomen, removing all my internal organs and laying them out of the way. Then with donor bone from a cadaver they hammered two bone wedges into my spine, held in place with titanium screws. But the pain continued.

I went through therapy, was put on every pain medication the doctors could think of, including Methadone, all with no results. I was in constant pain. I went to a clinical psychologist to learn how to live with the pain. He taught me relaxation and meditation techniques to help in controlling chronic pain. It actually helped to a small degree, but I was getting to be dysfunctional.

I had to use a walking cane just to keep from falling down. Scar tissue had grown around the sciatic nerve in the right hip where the donor bone had been taken. This caused my right leg to give way and I would fall down. When my wife and I would go to the store, I had to use a wheelchair because I could not walk for very long without getting extremely tired. The doctors told me there was nothing else they could do and that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life just to attempt to control the pain. I was at the lowest point in my life and I considered suicide as an option to end the pain.

I was given a new cane, molded to fit my hand to reduce bruising and strain on the wrist. I was also given a wheelchair since I was having so much trouble with my mobility. But God had a plain that I didn’t know about at the time.

My wife and I are born again Christians but had not been active in the church for over 20 years. Our youngest daughter, Kimberly, attends Kennesaw State University and had become involved in a youth group at Christ the King Church in Acworth, Georgia. My wife, Sharon, and I had decided we needed to get back involved with the church and had been searching for the right one for us.

Sharon and I started attending Christ the King for Sunday worship services and we really liked the pastor, the people of the church, and the message that was being taught. We had found our new home. This church was doing things for the youth and needed some help. Even though I did not have the mobility I needed to be of much assistance, I did what I could.

Not even two months went by before a wonderful lady name Delores Winder came to the church to tell the story of her miraculous healing by the Grace of God. I must tell you that growing up in the Southern Baptist faith, I was more than skeptical about this faith healing stuff. It just wasn’t what I grew up with and I was very uncomfortable with the idea. Sharon, Kimberly and I attended the first service Saturday night. Our pastor, Larry Tomczak, asked everyone to fill up the empty seats at the front of the church and I found myself in the first row, aisle seat. Right there where Delores was speaking. Delores said there were some there that night that were in need of healing and many came forward to receive the Lord’s Blessings.

I noticed Delores looked directly at me several times and finally she came over, laying her hands on my head, and prayed over me for divine healing. Then she told me to give her my cane. I hesitated because I had just received this new cane and didn’t want to give it up. But she said once again, “Give me your cane.” I complied. Then Delores told me to get up and walk. Getting up from the sitting position was difficult enough when I could use my cane. Trying to get up without it, I knew, was going to be impossible.

I slowly started to stand up expecting severe nerve pain to shoot up my back and down my leg. But there was no pain. I came to a full standing position, again with no pain. Delores told me to walk. Now I figured this is would be the real test. Can I walk without falling down? Will there be any pain? I walked to the back of the church, then back to the front. I tried climbing the steps to the podium. No pain, Praise the Lord! I was totally free from all pain. The first time in over 12 years.

We all came back to hear Delores’ testimony about her miraculous healing on Sunday morning. The main healing service was Sunday night, so I brought my mother to witness what God is doing today. Prior to the service Delores came up to me and told me that was a young man using a walker that I needed to talk to. I was confused as to why I needed to talk to this man and what I should say, but Delores said God would help me with the right things to say. I introduced myself to this man and told him what had happened to me.

Delores came over and we prayed together for him and then she told me to anoint him with oil and continue praying for him. I did as I was told. I wasn’t sure about this anointing with oil since I had never seen it done and really didn’t understand the principle involved. Now the healing service is beginning. There is much prayer and Delores is calling for those with specific needs to come forward to receive the healing power of Jesus Christ.

I don’t really remember how I got there, but I found myself standing up front in the midst of these people, wondering why I was here. I had received my healing Saturday night. Surely there was no reason for me being back here. But I remember Delores calling for those with eye afflictions to come forward. There were perhaps five or six people that came forward. Then Delores said, “Steve, anoint their eyes with oil and pray for them.” I was shocked, but again I did as I was told.

God gave me the strength and the words to pray for and comfort these people. We continued to pray over people until everyone had received prayer. It was a long night and I told my wife and my mother that I had not prayed that much in my entire life. It was emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausting. But I knew at that moment the Lord had a purpose and mission for me.  God healed me so that I might tell others that God is real. He is in charge and He can change our lives in very specific ways if we will just let Him come in.

Steve Bramham

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