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Cambodia Miracles

"New Thing"
Samuel Tolbert

Fire from Heaven in Ratanakiri

The story told by Cambodian witness Lyheng

“Pastor Mot, District Supervisor for Rattanakirri, met us and showed us around the province. We visited the orphans at his church, and the Crater Lake on the first day. On the second day, we traveled by truck and boat to the newest churches. It was December 6th, and we were traveling to some of the tribal areas, each of the two locations spoke different languages, both more closely related to Lao than Cambodian, there are twelve different languages spoken in that region.

The second church we visited was just finishing construction on their new building, in the area known as Phnom Kok Lak and the church (Dam Na Thamei). The women smoke pipes, and when no foreigners are around, don’t wear clothing above the waist. Rene and Kristi attracted a lot of attention so, a small crowd of fifteen or twenty villagers followed them to the church, but stopped at the edge of the church property, more than 100 meters from the building, not being believers in the “New God”. About a dozen local church members and few nearby pastors gathered in the new church building to greet them. It was about 3:00 pm. The Charists’ had spent about 15 minutes inspecting the new building and then entered into prayer for about five to ten minutes, some were praying in their natural language and some were praying in the Spirit. The number of people standing at the gate began to grow as neighbors were curious about the “Barrangs” (white foreigners Rene and Kristi) and wanted to see them, but some other excitement was causing people to rush to the scene.

As the prayer was ongoing, the people in the village saw a whirlwind of fire over the church building, and were running to get a closer look. The group had grown to more than 30 villagers. Afraid of the ‘Power’ behind the fire they would not enter the property. The people praying were unaware of the reason for the excitement. When the prayer concluded the fire disappeared, and as the church members emerged from the building, the people in the crowd called out to the local pastor, Sorn, “Where did the fire come from? Why was the fire swirling while you were praying?” The pastor was surprised, but the whole group insisted that they all saw it, so he acknowledged that it was written in the Bible, and taught them out of Acts, Chapter 2. The people all acknowledged that this God had, “Big power!” and the church grew in number that day.”

Rain in Takeo Province

Pastor Mao Mengheang, District Supervisor for the Southern Region of Cambodia, went to a remote area of Takeo Province about 30 km from the road. One man from the area had been led to the Lord by Mao Mengheang and he asked him to come for a visit as there were no churches. He went and found the villagers living in extreme poverty. Their biggest problem was lack of water. Their wells had gone dry and they had to travel about 5 km to find anything to drink. Upon arrival at the home of the contact he had for the region, the host asked him if he would like a bath as he was very dusty from the trip. When Mao Mengheang went to the bath area he noticed only a little water in the container. He said to the owner, "If I use this water for a bath you will have nothing left for your family".

The man hung his head and said, "It's true we are almost out of water and my livestock is almost dead. Many villagers are close to death because we can't find good water." Mao Mengheang told the man to call the villagers together. He told them that if they would believe in Jesus and pray He would bring rain. Mao Mengheang and the villagers began to pray. They prayed for 4-5 hours and it started to rain. It rained hard all the rest of the day, all night, and all the next day. The wells began to fill and the reservoirs filled up. Many people received the Lord and a church is now started in that community.

Woman with Pneumonia Healed

Pastor Mao Mengheang, District Supervisor for the Southern Region of Cambodia, went to visit the church in Tram Kak in Kompong Speu Province. He was taken to the home of a lady who was about 50 years old and suffering from pneumonia. She had been sick for about one week and both lungs were filling up with fluid. She'd gone to the doctor but none of the medications seemed to help. Everyone was afraid she was going to die. Pastor Mao Mengheang Prayed for her but there was no response. So he asked her, "Is there some problem between you and the Lord?" She responded that she had been called to evangelize her community but she refused and that her heart was hard. Mao Mengheang instructed her to pray and ask God to forgive her. She prayed and immediately began to cough up a large quantity of flem. Her lungs were completely cleared and she left the home and led eleven people to the Lord that day. Since then many in the community have come to Christ

Healing of Mad Man

A 20 year old man had been exhibiting mental illness or spirit possession for three years. He would cry out and then sometimes sing continuously. He exhibited this behavior every day. He could not speak, and no one could communicate with him. His father took him to several hospitals and doctors and none were able to help him. He then started visiting "spirit doctors" and had spent a great deal of money on more than 30 of them. He continued to seek out more powerful spirit doctors in order to get help for his son.

After another disappointing trip to a distant spirit doctor he was returning to his home in Kompong Thom Province went he had a chance meeting with Prachan Veashna, District Supervisor of District One. Prachan Veashna took the young man to the Srayov Church where Pastor Tet Sao led prayer for him for three days. At the end of the three days the young man was completely restored to his right mind. His entire extended family have since received the Lord and the father has requested that a church be planted in their town.

Paralyzed Girl Healed

A young woman from Kompong Thom Province traveled to Kompong Chhnang to get a job cutting thatch for making roofing material. While working she became sick and was paralyzed from the waist down. Her family took her to several hospitals but the doctors said they could find nothing physiologically wrong with her and sent her home. The girls condition continued to deteriorate. When the family returned home they heard the story about the healing of the "mad man" and took their daughter to the church. When she arrived she appeared close to death. The church began to fast and pray for the girl. The pastor discerned that the problem was a result of a spiritual attack or curse. After several days of persistent prayer the girl was healed. Her extended family has also joined the church and the father has requested to be trained to become a pastor.

Construction Workers Protected

In doing the excavation work for a new church/orphanage facility in Banteay Mean Chey City, the workers uncovered two unexploded bombs. This town was one of the sites of the last battles between the Khmer Rouge and Cambodian forces in 1997. Many people have been killed and wounded by unexploded ordinance and mines in this region. Miraculously both bombs were exposed without exploding and the Cambodian Mines Action Committee were called to detonate and remove the bombs. The church continues to be built.

Paralyzed Lumberjack Healed
(Kompong Speu Province)

A lumberjack from a rural area of the province climbed up a mountain slope to harvest some of the few remaining trees in the area. He fell off a stone ledge while cutting a tree landing on some rocks a few meters below him and apparently broke his back. He was paralyzed from the waist down and had been bed ridden for two months when Pastor Bunn Ridt heard about him. He went with his wife and two other church members and began an intensive time of prayer for the man on the third day he simply rose up and walked in a completely normal manner.

Woman with Issue of Blood is Healed
(Phnom Penh)

Mrs. Phen Lamotch, wife of Pastor Penneth, lost a baby to miscarriage in January. The doctor discovered two large tumors in her uterus but she did not have the money for surgery. She bled continually and the tumors grew until she gave up hope of being healed. She was speaking with Youth Pastor Lee Heng when he felt led to ask her if she had anyone to forgive. She confessed bitterness and unforgiveness. Lee Heng then shared the story of the woman with the issue of blood who touched Jesus' robe. It was a Friday night and she knew that the orphans at the Tuol Kouk home prayed every Friday. She went and asked for prayer. As the Orphans prayed she felt deep in her body that she had been healed. By Monday, three days later, all the blood flow had stopped. She went to the doctor and he said it was remarkable that one tumor was gone and the other was shrinking and drying up. He said surgery was no longer needed but couldn't explain why.

To date, as of this writing, 6 people have been raised from the dead!
Glory be to God!!!

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