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The Children's Bread

"I Stand In Awe Of Yo

Matthew 15:21-28

No one could doubt that it was a bold move. After all, she was a "gentile," a woman outside the covenant of God. They were referred to, by the Jews of her day, as mere "dogs." But she was a typical mother who loved her daughter with an undying love. She had watched the torment day after day, month after month, and a person can only endure just so much. She had been to all of the doctors. She had even sought the advice of her religious leaders and the advice of her friends. Nothing. They all had nothing to offer. She was desperate and something had to be done!

She had heard of a prophet that was in the region, one that some were calling the Messiah. It was well known that the Jews were expecting the coming Messiah which was spoken of in the ancient writings. Could this really be Him? Surely the miracles she had heard about substantiated such a claim. Wherever He went there seemed to be hope. Life seemed to spring forth from Him as impossible situations were turned around. Yes, she had heard the stories and of His great compassion, and as if a dream had come true, here He was in her own home town, and she believed.

With the boldness of a lion she cast aside the fact that she was a gentile and approached Jesus for the healing of her daughter. Jesus paused and did not answer right away. The disciples came and ask if they should send her away, as she was such a bother and making such a scene.

Then Jesus stopped, turned and looked her square in the eyes and said; "I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Momentarily stunned by His answer she could not deny that she knew down deep within herself that there was no other hope. She knew that He was the author of life, that He had all authority, and she humbled herself and worshiped Him and simply said; "help me!"

Jesus answered her a very profound phrase; "It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the little dogs." She understood clearly her place of unrighteousness, and yet having heard of the mercy of God, she replies meekly by saying; "Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters table."

Jesus marveled at the woman's reply and her unwillingness to let go of the truth, stating that she had great faith. Then with that look of compassionate assurance, He said to her; "Let it be as you desire." And her daughter was healed!

What a wonderful account of faith in action and relentless perseverance. But, did you catch what Jesus said about healing? He referred to healing as the "children's bread." In other words, healing is the rightful, normal, expected sustenance of the children of God - it's their inheritance! I have found that many Christians are really not sure if healing belongs to them through the redemptive plan of salvation. Unfortunately, there is often an uncertainty about this issue. Know this - uncertainty is always an open door for the enemy to sow confusion, and a breading ground for fear, doubt and unbelief. As believers, we need to have our feet planted upon solid ground, knowing with all certainty that which belongs to us, so that we can apply the Word of God in any given situation and therefore receive the promised benefit. Where do you stand? Are you a child of God? Have you asked Jesus to come into your heart? If you answered yes, then the right of healing is yours today, now, right at this moment - just as it was then, it is still the children's bread today.

True Bible faith can only act where the will of God is known. That's why we have the Bible today, it's His will in written form. This woman had a revelation or an understanding that Jesus was the Messiah, that He was not only able to heal, but that He was willing to do so. Based on that understanding, she was not going to let Jesus pass her by. She had boldness as a result of her faith, that was based upon knowledge, and she acted on it. In a sense was saying - I know the truth and I will not be denied!

Most people would have looked at their own inadequacy, their own unrighteousness, their own shortcomings, and would have been stopped right there - but not her. She was not stopped by her lack, instead she was moved by His supply. She got her eyes off of herself and on to the Author of Life!

There's no mistaking the fact that it was faith that stopped Jesus in His tracks, and it was her faith that impressed Him. Faith that knew He was the Messiah, faith that knew of His compassion, faith that knew of His will to heal. Faith that made the decision to step out even against impossible odds and dare to believe and expect. Faith to be different, faith that doesn't care what others may think. Faith that takes hold and believes.

Did you notice that she fell at His feet and worshiped Him? We may get so caught up with our own situation that we miss a key ingredient to healing. Instead of seeking the healing, we need to seek the healer. There is a proper order. Yes, Jesus wants us healed, but He also wants our hearts. Worship is not just something we do when we are in church. It's an everyday lifestyle because in Christianity we do not have mere religion, instead we have the right to intimate, deep, personal relationship with our God - the Author of Life. By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, we have become children of God, and as it states in Romans 8:17 we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus! Think of it - heirs with the Author of Life, we have the right to share in all that He is and all that He has - Oh, take a moment and let that sink in.

In the presence of God there is love and assurance. There is joy and peace in the midst of the storm. There is direction and stability when tossed about on the sea of uncertainty. I challenge you today to make a move to go deeper into this life of faith, spending time in His presence and in His Word. In so doing, your faith will rise to new heights and through the wonderful Spirit of God you will find a boldness and a joy in knowing that which was purchased through the plan of salvation is truly the children's bread, and you are included!!!

Dan Downey
All Rights Reserved (c)
Dan Downey 2000



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