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This We Believe
Our Doctrinal Statement of Beliefs

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We are offering to send a free copy of: "You've Already Got It" by Andrew Wommack.
This insight within this book will cause your faith to explode to new heights for healing. YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!!

You will NOT be put on a mailing list AND you will NOT be asked to support this ministry. Due to customs restrictions, this book can only be sent within the United States

MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE your home mailing address. These are NOT E-Books!


We are offering the booklet God's Creative Power for Healing. Send us an email with the words Mini Book in the subject line and we will get it out to you soon.

Please send your request to our email at with your home postal address, and put You've Got It or Mini Book in the subject line so we will know which book to send out.

We want to thank all of our faithful partners for their giving which enables us to give these materials away free of charge!




Prosperity, Victory & Favor Scriptures
Find out what the Lord's will is for you in these times of economic unrest

Believing God For Our Children
Scripture promises, prayer and intercession instruction for a covering for our children

MP3 Audio Teachings
Free Downloadable Teachings

Sold Out and Strategic  

Expect The Greater 

Daniel Reveals The Messiah

Set Apart As Unique 

Your Genetic Spiritual Design


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  Partner Giving
Sowing Financial Seed

Jesus loves you so very much!


Speak The Word-1

5 Categories of Scriptures with Personal Professions of Your Faith.

Healing * Victory & Overcoming *
Fear & Peace * Our Identity as Believers * Forgiveness

Speak The Word-2

7 Categories of Scriptures with Personal Professions of Your Faith.

Prosperity * Children *
Wisdom & Guidance * Marriage * Purity * Strength * Salvation

The Eight R's of Faith and Healing

Eight Essential Keys to a
Productive Faith

Healing Scriptures
Your Precious Promises On Healing

Healing Check List
12 Steps To Keep You On Track

Intent & Purpose

The Names of God
Reveal His Plan for Man

Scriptural Foundation
For Healing

Step by Step
How To Receive Your Healing

What Did Jesus Do?

Jesus Demonstrating The Will of God

Miracle In Your Mouth
The Truth About Your Words

Precious Power of Praise
The Benefits of Praise

The "I Am" List
Who You Are In Christ


Never Again List
Victorious Thinking Brings About Victorious Living
Through The Word


The Cup Of Blessing
Receiving Healing Through Remembrance Of The
Covenant Blessing
(I received and so can you!)


What Do You Have?
Revelation From The Lord To Help Combat
Your Circumstances

Don't Stop Swinging
That Hammer!

Persistence Breaks Down Resistence!

Ashes Under The Soles of Your Feet
Taking authority over the curse
By Keiko

Journaling Through
The Word

An Exciting Daily Devotional Strategy
To Get You Hearing From God

Scripture Reading Plan
Use In Conjunction With Journaling
This Is An Awesome Plan!

Believing God For Our Children
Scripture promises, prayer and intercession instruction for a covering for our children

All Things Glorious
Expect a glorious turn around
in your situation!

The Lord, Your Healer
By Bert Hakansson

Nuggets of Wisdom
Powerful Quotes
By Great Godly Leaders

Prophetic Words for America

Reject It!

Don't allow the devil to sap your spiritual strength
Inspirations of the Heart
Anointed Inspirational
Prosperity, Victory
& Favor Scriptures

Stability Within a
World of Uncertainty
Healing Book Reviews
Overviews of Some Must
Read Books On Healing & Spiritual Growth

Take Heed To
Your Soul

It's vital for us to understand the function of our soul and its role in bringing the manifestation of wholeness into our lives

A Fresh Look At Worship
It's time we rethink the reality of what worship actually is
You've Been Given
The Faith of God

What does the Word actually say about faith, and just who's is it anyway?
Is Jesus The Lord
Of Your Life?

Discover a fresh understanding of Lordship which brings about true success!
The Anointing

Through The Covenant of being one with Him, we have been granted the right to live in His anointing and power

You are precious to the Lord


Marilyn Ludolf
Must Read!

Dean & Janet Davis

Steve Bramham

Lloyd Mitchell

Tim Greenwood

Diana Hopkins


Patti Noll
Breast Cancer

Evangeline Takemoto
Threat of Bone Cancer
Charis Plumley

Lala Bernabe
Breathing Problems
and Fear

Christian Kelley
Kawasaki Disease

Keiko Downey


Stephanie's Story
Stage 3 Lymphoma
10 inch tumor
Praise Reports
Read Other Reports of Victory From Those Who Have Visited Our Site!
Robin McCray
Numbness, joint & breast pain

God's great grace goes out to you now

Short One Page Inspirational Articles

Learning to Cast is a Key to Success

Pursue Love!

Take Advantage of the Advantage

Guard What's Been
Committed To
Your Trust
Storms Of Life 

Not Of This World

Are You A
None Of These
Things Move Me

El Shaddai
The Miracle Working God


Do You Have A Violent Faith?


The GOOD Fight of Faith

Certainty in a World
of Uncertainty

Reign In Life There Was A Noise

The Choice Is Yours

Dry On The Way
To The Blessing


PPPP - Pressure!

Two Gifts of Grace
Must Read!


The Children's Bread

Must Read!

Look Back To
Get Ahead

Must Read!

Trick Or Treat!

Lose Your Life!

The Finishing Touch
Must Read!

Jesus In
Your Boat?


Sadako's Hope.


Living A Dream

The Fullness
Of The Blessing

Father Knows Best

When Kings
Go Out To Battle


The Glory
of Christmas

The Power of
His Resurrection


The Morning Is

Must Read!

Fearfully And
Wonderfully Made

The High Life

In Everything Give Thanks
Practice The Presence Jesus, The Sent One

It Is As God Said!


Do not fear - trust the Lord


The Transformation Of A Nation

The Lord is moving in this nation!
Cambodia Miracles
Look what the Lord has done!

Do not fear - trust the Lord


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Praise Reports
Read Reports of Victory
From Those Who Have
Visited Our Site!

Prayer Request

Good News!
A Prayer For Salvation
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