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El Shaddai
The Miracle Working God

New Thing With Me
Samuel Tolbert

One year before Isaac was born, Abraham had an encounter with God as "El Shaddai" that would revolutionize and solidify his understanding of God and the Covenant. In his well advanced years of ninety-nine years of age - a supernatural manifestation occured for both he and Sarah his wife, who was also well advanced in age, being eighty nine years old at the time. This supernatural event was that she became pregnant and gave birth to their son Isaac the very next year after being barren, unable to have children, for her entire lifetime. This was a true miracle, especially at their age! It was a demonstration of the manipulation or setting aside of the laws of nature - a complete disregard for that which was physically impossibile in the natural realm, an event that only El Shaddai could bring about.

Twenty five years earlier, Almighty God spoke this promise, regarding the birth of Isaac, to Abraham while he was at the ripe old age of seventy-five. God allowed twenty five years to pass, so that Abraham would become convinced in El Shaddai's ability which would affect not only Abraham, but his future generations. Although both he and Sarah attempted to bring this promise to pass with their own natural reasoning, the years kept passing by and it may have appeared to them both that this promise may not ever become a reality. BUT when El Shaddai came onto the scene, everything changed. He assured them with His word, that by the following year this child of promise would be born.

Keep in mind that God is speaking to two very aged senior citizens here! The promise may have sounded remotely possible twenty-five years earlier, but now that so much time had elapsed, they were having a very difficult time trying to wrap their minds around such a proclamation. How could this be? Who ever heard of anything like this before? This is quite unnatural and out of the ordinary! Then El Shaddai reveals something about His character and His extraordinary abilitiy by declaring to them, "Is anything too hard for the Lord!!!" In the Hebrew language, the word for "Lord" that is used in this verse of Scripture is - El Shaddai!!!" The God of miraculous provision - Genesis 18:14. This is a very important designation and discription of God for us to remember.

One year later, just exactly as promised, Isaac the miracle child became a reality. From that day forward, whenever Abraham would look at Isaac, whose name means "laughter," - he would be reminded of the exceptional miracle that brought forth great joy and a fresh understanding of God's faithfulness - the sole work of El Shaddai. Why did It cause them to laugh? Simply because no one had ever heard of such an event before - and they being old enough to be Isaac's great, great grandparents, enjoyed a laughter that brought praise in their hearts to El Shaddai. When it looked like there could be no way - El Shaddai came onto the scene and made a way. To Abraham, both the name Isaac and this childs very presence was a continual reminder and testimony to the work of El Shaddai that could not be denied - that there is NOTHING too difficult for Him. You see, they didn't just receive Isaac as their son, they also experienced first-hand the miraculous power of God within themselves in a way that had never been experienced before in any other human being up that that time!

No wonder Abraham was so confident when he took Isaac to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice him at God's request years later. In fact, Hebrews 11:17-19 reveals to us that Abraham reasoned and concluded within himself that God would just raise Isaac up from the dead to fulfill His promise of bringing a great nation of descendants through Isaac. No big deal. After all, He is El Shaddai - the miracle working God who can easily suspend or set aside the laws of nature if need be. If He could bring Isaac miraculously into the world through two, old, well advanced in age senior citizens whose bodies were as good as dead, as far as natural reproduction is concerned, then He could miraculously raise him up from the dead with no problem what-so-ever!!!. Abraham was so convinced of this fact, that he even told the servants with him, before he and Isaac ascended the mountain; "Stay here with the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship, and WE [the boy and I] will come back to you" - Gen 22:5. Wow - what a statement!

Yes, Abraham was fully convinced - there was absolutely no doubt in his heart. Why? Because he had experienced an impossible miracle in Isaac and had been rejoicing in El Shaddai for many years as the God of the impossible, the God of the supernatural, the God who supersedes the laws of nature if need be for His covenant people. And this revelation, which could not be denied, was firmly implanted into his heart - his very being.

I wonder how many times Abraham and Sarah had to tell the story of Isaac's birth? Obviously, because of this event, they took on near celebrity status within the region. I'm sure that everyone who knew them or heard of them would want to know how this thing could be! After all, it's totally and completely unheard of and quite impossible. Can't you just picture them walking down the street with little Isaac, and the people whispering to one another: "That's them, that's the miracle family!" And don't you just know that every time they told the story it became more impacted and implanted within their thinking and within their hearts, reliving it time and time again as they told it over and over.

What about us today? We also have a great and miraculous testimony that should bring us great joy. And, we need to remember that we have a more sure covenant than Abraham. When adversity comes our way, we need to LAUGH, just like Abraham, as we count on and expect El Shaddai to come on to the scene in our behalf. Yes, the covenant we've entered into should bring joy, laughter and peace to us as well.

Think about this for a moment; mankind was lost in sin, hopeless, and destined for eternal separation from God and judgment due to sin. The devil thought he had mankind just where he wanted them, trapped and alienated from God. Then the miracle of Jesus coming to the earth, going to the cross on our behalf, turned everything around and opened up the way of salvation for us. AND the whole event stemmed from an outrageous, never before heard of MIRACLE! He was born of a virgin! A blatant, physically impossible and unheard of occurrence!!! A true miracle, a suspending of the laws of nature, an act that only El Shaddai Himself could bring to pass. And it proved to be a true slap in the face to the devil, having no idea this could or would take place. I could just hear the devil saying; "I never saw that one coming!" Yes, this is the wisdom and ability of our God, who is all powerful. And every time the enemy attempts to sway our thoughts from off of victory and onto defeat, we need to laugh as we remember El Shaddai's provision and ability and His willingness to act on our behalf.

Yes, the salvation plan is the work of our God - El Shaddai - and nothing is too difficult for Him - NOTHING!!! Our salvation is an Isaac situation, a laughable situation - what was impossible with man, being dead in sin, became possible with our life-infusing God. When the devil thought he had mankind hopeless and in total bondage to sin, El Shaddai turned it all around. This should bring great joy into our hearts every time we think about it and it should bring about great praise to our God who brought such a joyous reality into being.

Remember, He is El Shaddai the God of possibilities AND He will bend or suspend the laws of nature if need be for us IF we will put our trust in Him. We need to begin to take on a "supernatural possibility" thought process toward the obstacles we encounter as we proceed through life. Yes, testings, trials and persecutions may come - but NOTHING, NO THING is too hard, NOTHING is too difficult, NOTHING is too impossible for our God - El Shaddai!!! And WE are the object of His affection, WE are His covenant people, washed clean through the shed Blood of Jesus The Lamb of God. Trust Him, count on Him, expect Him today! Allow the Joy of the Lord, the Joy of El Shaddai, to become your strength. When doubt or discouragement raises it's ugly head - just have a good LAUGH as you recall to mind the supernatural miraculous provision of your salvation and who your God is - El Shaddai - the miracle working God!!! Is anything too hard for the Lord? NOTHING!!!

Dan Downey
All Rights Reserved (c)
Dan Downey 2012

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