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"Never to Busy"
Brutha 28

Graphics & Music
Source Page

I want to thank and give credit to all of the wonderful musicians that have provided the great music for this site: Samuel Tolbert, Ezra Bufford, Charles Abernethy, Lisa Holden, Luther Allman, Victor James, Mel Owens, Michael Young, Brutha 28, and all of the others! I have listed below some wonderful sites that you can download for yourself the anointed music you have heard on our site. Be blessed.

Icon Bazaar is a great place to pick up all kinds of graphics. A very large source. Although not a Christian graphics source, you will find alot of great idea's to help spruce up your web site.

Gospel Keyboard A lot of free Gospel Midi's by some very talented musicians

God's Gospel  Home Page A wonderful midi source site by Mel Owens, make sure you take a look at this one it's a tremendous archive of inspirational songs we have all come to know and love,
most are done with a very soulful flavor.

Victor James Black Gospel Midi Another great source of soulful music! Many of the songs on this site came from here.

Laura's Midi Heaven You'll find a great variety of midis here! - Worth taking a look at.

Ensemble Mgmt Many great artists to choose from, make sure to check out Ezra Bufford, Samuel Tolbert and Luther Allman!

Ernest & Roline Ministries - A great source of Gospel midi files - a very large listing - a wonderful resource

JesusJesus Is Lord!

HealthBlessing Increase - -Dominion Victory

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