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Inspirational writings of Ed Valenzuela.  Faith is more than agreeing with God's Word - it is acting on that Word!

"Thy Word"


Please keep in mind that these are copyrighted works and may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without permission from the author. If you would like to use them, you may send an email and I will put you in touch with the author Click Here. Be blessed as you allow the Lord to minister to you.


"My Everlasting Covenant"

In the Morning, will I seek Thee to start the day aright;
In prayer and supplication, before dawns early light.
Throughout the morning thoughts of Your unfailing awesome love;
caress my heart and help direct my eyes to You above.
With each hour that goes by, sometimes a hectic pace,
the only thing sustaining me is Your perfect grace.

When the close of day has come,
the sun does disappear, into the cover of the night;
it's Your voice I hear saying:

Another day has come and gone
when you did seek My face,
My everlasting Covenant unfolds to You, My grace.

On bended knee, beside my bed I offer to My King;
with lifted hands, a song of praise and of thanksgiving.

Daniel 6:10
Psalm 27:8

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"This Little Church"

All praises in heaven do cease at this time
with a wave from the Almighty King
to silence the worship from angelic hosts
to hear what this little church brings.

He stops the procession of cherubic laud
and centers attention to earth
to listen intently of intimate praise
toward His Son of immeasurable worth.

The blessed adoration of this little church
to honor their soon coming King
reveals true intentions to die to the flesh
and each day His praises to sing.

Though this little church so humbled by grace
overcomes by the blood of the Lamb
testifying of His most merciful ways
thus touching the heart of I AM.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee."

To all who await the Day of the Lord,
My grace is sufficient for thee.
To all who proclaim that Christ is their King,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

To live Christ's Salvation, from Calvary's Cross,
My grace is sufficient for thee.
To journey by faith and not by One's sight,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

To gather the sheaves, the souls of the world,
My grace is sufficient for thee.
For all who are scorned for trusting in Christ,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

For all who do suffer for righteousness sake,
My grace is sufficient for thee.
For all who are killed for believing the Word,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

To bow in the presence of His Majesty,
My grace is sufficient for thee.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Yoke of Righteousness"

I humble myself before You Lord, I bow my face to the ground. For You have imparted grace unto my soul. You have revived my spirit that longed for Your refreshing and caused my heart to rejoice deep within.

The water of Your Word has washed me and made me clean. The burdens have been lifted off and set at the foot of Your altar. I gladly take Your yoke of righteousness and Your burden of holiness which is light, that I may proclaim Your goodness and mercy to the hurting, and share Your message of salvation to the lost.

Allow my conscience to ever be mindful of the Holy Spirit's leading that I may walk in the Light of Your Word! Amen.

Genesis 19:1 Psalm 42:1 Matthew 11:30 1 John 1:7

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"A Sculpture in Progress"

When God found me, I was a lifeless rock, devoid of purpose, unknowing of my lifelessness; then He began His process on me.

He cleansed me and set me on His workbench and He began chipping away, knocking off pieces of rock that are not needed. It hurts while it's happening, but it's quite necessary for me, for I am a sculpture in progress.

I must allow the Master Sculptor, My Lord, to remove from me all that is useless to God's Kingdom, to chip away, to grind and to sand down all uselessness, to allow God to intricately carve His Word on my heart and fashion me to His liking, to be a sculpture of glory and honor, for now I am a lively stone carved with out hands in the image of God. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Heavenly Nation"

You're The Rock, my foundation,
My Sword and my shield,
To Your Grace and Salvation,
My spirit, doth yield.

Your Word is my Counsel,
That I adhere to,
Of blessings so bountiful,
Wondrous and true.

Of promised salvation.
to all who who believe,
a heavenly nation,
transformed by One Seed.

I kneel down to worship,
in Your holy place,
anointed with kinship,
in Your awesome grace.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Oasis In The Desert"

Undefiled praise, instead of profanity, Your grace among the bitterness, love in a world of hate, peace amidst the confusion, Your Word of comfort instead of frustrated thoughts.

You O Lord are my Oasis in the desert, You are food to the hungry and knowledge to the simple.

Your awesomeness causes me to lift my hands in praise, not to shake a fist at You Lord, I see the path You've set before me for Your glory lights each step I take, I'll walk in accordance with Your Word to the best of my abilities. Amen

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"A Message From My Father"

My ear is ever attentive to your cry, I hear even the silent prayers of your heart and the secret desires you seek after, for I've known of them before the foundation of the Earth was settled.

My eye is ever watchful over you in the flock of My pasture, for I AM the Good Shepherd and none is removed from My hand. I seek after the wandering with My diligence and set them upon My shoulders where they will be safe.

My heart is filled with a love for you that cannot be measured and My desire is to fill your heart with this love, to pour it out on a world, dry and destitute through sin.

My Word is your Way to eternal life; your Sword, your Shield, your Comfort in pain, your Joy in triumph. I AM the Great I AM and there is no other God before Me. I instill My greatness and power in you ........ go win the world! Amen.

John 3:16; 10:9,11-16; 17:12 Ephesians 1:4
Matthew 18:12 Hebrews 4:12
Genesis 15:1

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"My Lord"

Faithful is Your Word, My Lord,
Consistent is Your Love.
Blessed is the hope I have,
Redeeming is Your Blood.

Forgiving is your grace I seek,
Most Holy are Your ways,
Righteous are Your judgments Lord,
Anointed are my days.

Beauty does surround You Lord,
Your awesome Majesty,
How bountiful Your Promises,
You set the captives free!

Forever will Your power reign,
Jehovah, God of Love,
Eternally my hearts domain,
Responds to You above. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Christ Our Rock"

Partake of the water, from Christ our Rock and thirst again no more. The wellspring of life will flow from your heart,when Christ becomes your Lord.

Eat of the Manna from heaven above, to satisfy your soul. The Manna is Christ, The Word of God, His promises unfold.

Before His throne, a sea of glass, a rainbow all around, four and twenty elders seated wearing golden crowns.

Praise they sing and shout with joy, exalting Him who lives; The One and Only Jesus Christ, His life to us He gives. Amen.

1 Corinthians 10:4, John 4:14, Revelation 4:6

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Eye Hath Not Seen"

The song of Your faithfulness plays deep within the recesses of my heart, giving me the hope I trust in, the foundation I need, with expectancy.

The melodic overture of your grace flows from the pages of Your Word, on the canvas of my soul creating a new rendition of Your forgiveness within.

The artistic beauty portrayed within each word You've spoken is composed from the depths of the Inner Sanctum of Your Glory in love and to realize the promise of Your Word that; eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which you have prepared for them that love you, causes my hands to raise in adoration to You, My King and Redeemer of my soul. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"How Lord"

How beautiful does Your grace flow upon us Lord,
How majestic is the glory of Your Throne.
How excellent is Your Name in all the Earth Lord,
How bountiful the blessings You have sown.

How awesome is the Power of Your presence Lord,
How faithful does Your Holy Spirit dwell.
How abundant is Your forgiving grace Lord,
How is it with my soul; it is well.

How blessed is Your anointing on my life Lord,
How righteous is the wisdom of Your Word.
How abounding, Your promises as they unfold Lord,
How steadfast do Your Holy Scriptures gird. Amen.

Psalm 8:1

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"All I Want"

All I want Lord, is to be in Your presence where nothing else matters; just to praise You and relax in Your grace, to release the worship within my heart and lay it all at Your feet; Allelujah....

Allow the holiness of your precious anointing to flow over me causing the blessings of faith, commitment and victory to come to pass in my life Lord.

I thank You Father for every breath, every moment and every ability You've given me. Let each breath exhale praise to Your Name, let each moment ponder Your Glory and let every ability be directed towards You in adoration of Your awesome love. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Enthroned In Our Praises"

Yes, Thou art Holy, O King from on high; enthroned in our praises to Thee.

We bow down to worship and magnify, the Presence of Your Majesty.

We exalt with passion Thy glorious Name, forever established in love.

Lord and King Jesus, You are ever the Same, You're the Glory of Heaven above.

Yes, Thou art Holy, my Savior and King; my reality and purpose of life.

It's the blessings of praise and worship we bring, to Jesus, the only True Light. Amen.

Psalm 22:3

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Shout The Midnight Cry"

Rejoice, O Heaven, to thy King,
let Earth resound in praise.
Anoint the worship that we sing,
of all His, righteous ways.

Give all the glory unto Him,
Redeemer of us all.
The One who shouts the midnight cry,
we do await the call.

Arise ye faithful follower,
of Christ, The Holy One.
O laud on Him anthems of praise,
for all that He has done.

Give glory to His precious Name,
the exalted King above.
Let all of heaven's host proclaim,
the passion of His love.


Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Champions of Christ"

The preparations, the prayer, the studying of Your Word Lord, are continually in motion within my life. For I understand that in order to win, to be victorious in this life, I must prepare, I must do all I can to reach for the high calling of Christ.

Just as an athlete practices over and over again to be the best he can, to use every ability he has within his grasp to overcome every obstacle, and with his energy spent he continues on, moving forward, reaching toward his goal - succeeding.

For not all are willing to put forth that extra effort, not all are willing to put in the time it takes to be a champion and that's why there are so few to taste the rewards of victory.

So count yourselves among the champions of Christ, for the preparations, the prayers and studying of God's Word you've done and continue to do, to be victorious in this life, receiving for yourself a crown of glory for eternity in Heaven!

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"I'll Follow God"

I yield unto Your righteousness, to Your judgments do I cede,

forgetting self-willed attitudes I stand on Your decree.

To be known as a friend of God as Abraham became,

does only come through servanthood to Jesus Christ the same.

A humbled heart, a grateful soul, my spirit heaven bound,

each day I thank You for Your grace, pure love in Thee I've found.

The only title I'll proclaim, that's rendered unto me,

is one that states: "I'll follow God" - Amen, Yes let it be!

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"The Armor Bearer's Loyalty"

The sacrifices that are made in Christ we gladly do

The Armor bearer's loyalty, in prayer will see you through

Appointed to uphold the arms, of God's anointed choice

In unison, with one accord, we harmonize our voice

To echo sovereign blessed praise, and stand on holy ground

To make each prayer effectual, each day in Christ abound

The Armor bearer's loyalty, pursuant to attain

God's precious plan upon this earth, in life or death, we gain

Ed Valenzuela (c)




Blessed is the song of repentance in Your ear Lord, and blessed is the soul where Your forgiveness reigns.

Blessed is the faith of a warrior in prayer, and blessed is the answer when it comes.

Blessed is my heart when I praise You within, and blessed is the worship released from my spirit to You.

Blessed is the love that dwells in my heart for Thee, O Lord My Savior, and blessed is the peace that You provide for my life.

Blessed is Your Word given to me, to follow You forever Lord.

Blessed is the Glory of which You shine, and blessed is the comfort of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"My Hand In Yours"

With each blessing You bestow upon me and each promise that comes to pass in my life, I get a taste of Your goodness and another piece of the puzzle of the deep things in You Lord.

The unfolding of Your grace upon my life causes a rejoicing within my spirit and I bask in the warmth of Your glory.

Ah Lord God, You're so awesome to me and all I had to do was put my hand in Yours and trust You.

I've learned that whatever I have is Yours and whatever You have is mine - I like that Lord, I can't lose with a blessing like that! Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"The Glory of Love"

A continuous flow of blessings abound,
contingent to Thy praise,
anointed with power in Your Majesty,
with glory, our hands we do raise.

Of multitudes praising You in one accord,
delighted to bow to their King,
with joyous surrender, enraptured in love,
in boldness and laughter we sing.

The release of good tidings upon all the earth,
to proclaim the glory of love,
allows us to know the Almighty God,
The Righteous Redeemer above.


Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Your Extended Hand"

There I was, sitting in ashes, sackcloth draped upon me as rags, tears of pain and discomfort coursing down my face, weary of the circumstances that beset me.

It was then that You extended Your hand to me and lifted me out from the ashes of my despair. You put on me a robe of righteousness and cleansed me with the water of Your Word.

You anointed my head with the oil of joy and restored to me a sound mind with power and love. You took my problems and put them in perspective according to Your awesomeness; they are diminished in Your glory; they must bow down to Your Lordship as do I. I love You Lord. Amen.

Isaiah 61: 3, 10. 2 Timothy 1:7. Ephisians 5:26  

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Today Lord"

Today Lord I'll focus on Your grace and not on the mistakes of yesterday.

Today Lord I'll set my sights on Your love instead of the bitterness of discontent.

Today Lord I'll praise You for all You've done in my life instead of complaining like a spoiled young child.

Today Lord I'll covet Your Word instead of taking it for granted.

Today Lord I'll see myself as privileged to be Your child instead of an outcast of this world.

Today Lord I'll do my best to watch what I say instead of letting my tongue be in charge.

I can't do a thing to change yesterday, but I can today Lord, Amen.

John 3:30

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"My Solid Foundation"

I look to You Lord to help me today to minister to somebody, whether it be a word of encouragement, a look, or just a simple smile to let them know "they are loved". Allow me to be an epistle to the multitudes, proclaiming Your love, Your peace and Your joy

Let the Holy Spirit fill my heart with Your awesome grace, so that I may share it with those around me. Help me today Lord, to think thoughts that are pure and holy; positive thoughts that would trigger solutions to problems, for Your Word is my solid foundation and the Light of my path.

Let those around me recognize Your love through my actions and deeds, so that they may praise You in their hearts and give to You the glory that is due. Amen.

Isaiah 26:16

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Alone With You"

Alone with You, my soul refreshed,
restraints are broken free.
Anointing flows from deep within,
Thy precious Spirit's lead.
Alone with You, rejoice my heart,
I love my Father's Son;
forever will my heart be His,
in Jesus we are one.  

Alone with You doth glory shine,
much brighter than noonday,
the power of Your resurrection
sheds Light, to lead the Way

Alone with You, My Lord and God,
a privilege to me,
to lift my hands and sing Your praise
for all eternity.


Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Raptured in Praises"

Glorified praises, the beauty we speak, resonate heaven from the great and the meek.

Magnified blessings to heaven's I AM, The Son of The Highest, Jesus The Lamb.

Raptured in praises, enveloped in love, filled with the Spirit of heaven above.

Steadfast we stand, the foundation our Rock, narrow and straight is the path that we walk.

Faithful and True our Lord and our King, we join with the host of heaven to sing; glory, dominion, power and might to Jesus the Savior the only True Light.

Embrace the passion that God does unfold and walk on the streets of transparent gold, forever, eternal, our Cornerstones grace, allows us to worship in the Most Holy Place. Amen

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Bloodstained Cross"

This Bloodstained Cross at Calvary where Jesus took our place reveals to us His perfect love by instituting grace.

And to the thief, repentant, who said, "remember me" - today shall be in paradise for all eternity.

This Bloodstained Cross at Calvary is one symbol of His love, the fullness of commitment by the shedding of His Blood.

For through this selfless act of grace, enduring tortured pain, this sacrificial Lamb of God eternally does reign! Hallelujah! Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Thy Hallowed Name"

Thy Hallowed Name O Lord I bless,
in reverence unto Thee.
Within Thy courts my soul's caressed,
I bow on bended knee.
Echos of Thy Sovereignty forever shall prevail,
well beyond Thy holiness, alive within the vail.

Thy Hallowed Name, I worship Lord,
prostrate before Your throne;
my soul enlightened by Thy Word,
where daily Scripture's sown.

Unto You Lord, Thy call I heed,
appoint my every step;
hy Word O Father is what I need,
anoint my heart You've kept. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Cornerstone of Heaven's Glory"

Eternal life through grace emits from deep within Your love. Your life You gave at Calvary, the shedding of Your Blood, forgives me of the fate of death that once did call my name. I am alive forevermore through Jesus Christ, The Same.

The Cornerstone of Heaven's glory abides within The Son, Immanuel, The Prince of Peace, God's Anointed One. Align our faith forever with The Cross and empty tomb; and the prayerful attitude within the upper room. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"The Crown of Glory"

The vestment of Your kingly reign doth glimmer brilliant light, the crown of glory upon Your head doth show Your power and might.

Anointing and dominion flow from Your established reign surrounded by the seraphim who bless Your Holy Name.

The beauty of Your Majesty doth cover like a wing; the feathers of Your grace spread forth that cause the Earth to sing.

The angels that surround the throne continually praise Your Name, singing; holy, holy, holy - God eternally, The Same.

The sea of glass, the multitude doth praise with exaltation; the King of kings and the Lord of lords, the God of our Salvation. Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)



"Symphony of Praise"

In Thy sight my Spirit dwells,
O Lord before Your throne;
A symphony of praise bursts forth,
to You and You alone.

Your Majesty is magnified
in every note we sing;
together with the seraphim,
we bless our Lord and King.

Within the Inner Sanctum where
exalters bless and praise;
The Mighty God our Covenant,
their royal banners raise.

The saints who bless Thy Name,
adorned in robes of purity,
in one accord with heaven's host,
proclaim Thy Deity! Amen.

Ed Valenzuela (c)

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