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Inspirational Writings Of Nancy Hegener.  Faith is more than  agreeing with God's Word - it is acting on that Word!

"Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone"
Samuel Tolbert


Please keep in mind that these are copyrighted works and may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without permission from the author. If you would like to use them, you may send an email and I will put you in touch with the author Click Here. Be blessed as you allow the Lord to minister to you.


"My Prayer For You"

I said a prayer for you today
Asking God to guide your way,
That He would keep you in His arms
Free from doubt, fear and harm.

And that He'd help you understand
That this is a journey, and
Nothing will, and nothing can
Happen to you outside His plan.

I prayed that He would also send
His Spirit, as Comforter and Friend,
He's closer even than a brother.
And is available like no other.

We all need help along the way
To get us through our painful day.
So I prayed God would help me read
Between the lines, to see your need.

So I can help to guide and show
The way toward healing of that blow,
And help you get up on your feet
To lean on Him. Your needs He'll meet.

Nancy Hegener (c)



"A Leader's Plea"

Lord, open my eyes so I can see
The truth about those entrusted to me.
Partnered with You, I want to read
My groups needs, to intercede
And help them to find answers clear
To bring them peace, disarm their fear.

I know they need assurance, Lord,
That You love them and You're not bored
By their petitions and routine.
Let them know that You have seen
The things that they are facing now,
That You're in charge when they can't see how.

I need Your help and wisdom while
I lead them down this bumpy mile.
I haven't walked where they have been,
But I've had my own kind of sin.
And You guided and protected me
While I struggled on bended knee.

So now I ask from You the guidance
To know when there's just plain avoidance
Help me make issues they face
Clear, in order to help erase
The fear that comes when change is needed.
Healing comes as Your ways are heeded.

And keep me humble, ‘cause I can't be
The answer to the needs I see.
I can only pray that they
Will trust You to change their way.
Let me be a guiding light
To show the way as they begin this fight.

Nancy Hegener (c)



"A Letter To Me"

I need to take time
To write a letter to me,
To think about life
From the perspective I see.

Time to ponder how I
Analyze the life I pursue.
To think about things,
Like why I do what I do?

I have my own goal
I set up for myself.
A timeline to guide me
As I inwardly delve.

What do I want
To gain from this quest?
Will I accomplish this
Goal with the rest?

Lord, I ask you to help me
To focus on me.
Show me those things
I don’t seem to see.

Help me to dissect
Motives and choices
To interpret those quiet
Internal voices.

And help me to choose
The good and the healthy
And discard those actions
That continually drain me.

Lif’e’s too short to spend
In constant turmoil.
Love is a choice
To grow in rich soil.

Nancy Hegener (c)



"Remembring Thanksgiving"

My heart is to honor God
In everything that I do.
So I analyze and ponder
Taking time to think things through.

It always kind of bothered me
When in the store I must decide
‘Tween Halloween decorations in September
Or the Christmas items right beside.

We celebrate witches and goblins
Jack-O-‘lanterns, ghosts and bats,
And all things dark and spooky,
Evil horrors, and black cats.

And then we jump to Christmas
With big sales and gifts to give.
We scurry round to parties,
And for baked goods we do live.

It seems like something’s missing
In the month that’s in between.
We’ve overlooked Thanksgiving
Jumping to Christmas from Halloween.

Thanksgiving’s more than dinner
On a Thursday in the Fall.
It should be a day of gratitude
For what God’s given to us all.

So, I want to say a “thank you”
To my Heavenly Father up above
For the many ways He’s blessed me
With provision, hope and love.

I want to recognize His grace
In times so undeserved.
His guidance and protection,
Faithfulness that never swerved.

He fed me and He clothed me,
And by my side He stood
When I went through various trials,
Was disappointed, or misunderstood.

And He blessed me with salvation
And good health and family,
Good friends, a place to worship,
And a country that is free.

So, Lord, I dedicate this month
To be grateful unto You,
To appreciate all the many gifts
I received the whole year through.

And I decorate my home this year
With pumpkins and harvest leaves
To remind me of Your goodness
And what You helped me to achieve.

Nancy Hegener (c)



"For You And Your Family"

I’m just sending this note to say
This next weekend I’ll be away.
But it doesn’t mean that I won’t pray
For you and your family.

The things we talked about last night
Are all important in God’s sight,
And I’ll ask Him to set things right
For you and your family.

He’s the source of all the power
To change our lives and begin to shower
Our prayers with answers in this hour
For you and your family.

So, even if you feel weak,
God’s grace for you I will seek,
And pray His blessings on your week
For you and your family.

Nancy Hegener (c)


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