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The Healing Testimony Of: Patti Noll  "Amazing Grace"

"What A Friend We Have In Jesus"

I am a walking example of a miracle. There is no doubt in my mind, that I am alive today because I was healed of breast cancer, by God, thru His Son, Jesus Christ. I found "the lump" in October of 1991. I was 39, single, and had a daughter who just turned 11. I had been saved in 1979 (I was raised Catholic, but didn't really embrace Christ until then).

Honestly, I think I noticed the lump a year or more earlier, but fear, and denial kept me from having it looked at. When I did, it was the size of an orange. Lesson here: don't ignore an obvious lump. God's miracle could have been just a little one, but my delay gave him a big job to do! Although there is much more to this part of the story, many details I have thankfully forgotten (He heals our memories, too!), the bottom line is that I was facing 14 long hours of surgery.

As I was being wheeled into the O.R., a group of my Born Again friends intercepted the gurney. They formed a circle around me, joined hands and prayed. Instantly, the fear of mastectomy and the fear of cancer left me.

After I had recovered enough from the surgery, I went through 6 months of chemotherapy. Yes, I lost my hair. Yes, I threw up a lot. But He kept me going through it all. Things didn't look good for me. The doctors gave me less than a 10% chance of living.

I made the decision to go to my father's house in Florida to die. I took my daughter with me, signed the papers to give my father custody of her upon my death, and hoped I could live long enough to see my daughter settle in. I progressively became weaker and weaker. My family gave up on my chances for recovery. Then came the day I knew I was going to die. I felt it, and I looked like I had already died.

I went into my room at 3 that afternoon. I prayed. Nonstop. No one came into the room, because they didn't want to make the grim discovery of finding me dead. I had given up on living for myself, I had resigned myself to death and into His hands, but I asked Him to let me live so that I could raise my little girl. Maybe I drifted into sleep, maybe not. But I prayed like never before. Then, at 4 AM my brother called from Cleveland. His situation required my help. Now, I've got two people who need me! I prayed until dawn.

At 8 AM, I jumped...yes, jumped out of bed, walked into the room where the family was eating, and said good morning. Their chins hit the floor. Someone said "We didn't hear you get up and put make-up on." I told them "I'm not wearing make-up!" I was alive and I looked it!! I believe I was healed for three reasons: My daughter, my brother, and to do this -- tell my story.

I had many doctors through it all. They shouldn't have given me a hospital gown......a window shade would have been much better. Shy Patti had every doctor in town come in and raise that gown! But the doctor who healed me was Dr. Jesus. No doubt. He isn't just a specialist, by the way, focusing only in one area of expertise. He heals cancer, He heals hearts (in both ways)! He heals families, and, most important, He heals souls. He takes new patients, and His office is open 24/7/365.

Don't give up on Jesus. He never gives up on us!!! There is hope, no matter what your situation is. My dawn truly came at my darkest moment. Not that I did this....I know that I know that I know that I was healed only by the Grace of God. And I will never stop telling that. I hope that this will help others who are facing cancer, or any other trouble.

I am here to say that Jesus heals today, as he did when he walked this earth 2000 years ago. Praise you Jesus!!! Thank you God! Glory to God. Amen.

One more thing: If I never had to take my shirt off, I would have completely forgotten about the mastectomy. God doesn't do things half way. Expect a miracle, because our God is a God of miracles.

Patti Noll

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