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Partnering With Us!

We are continually receiving emails from people who are desiring to sow financial seed into this ministry. Please note that we do not presently have a 501 (c) 3 non-profit status. So your giving to this ministry would not be tax deductible. However, many have replied that they still want to give to help defray ministry costs.

If you desire to send a financial gift to partner with us, you may send it to the address below. Please make your check or money order out to Dan Downey otherwise we will not be able to cash it. You can be assured that 100% will go toward operational costs and ministering to others.

Dan Downey
P.O. Box 43
Temple City, California 91780


As finances come in we purchase materials that are instrumental in helping those who need healing and send them out at no-charge. Our goal is to equip those within the Body of Christ with the tools needed to help them receive their healing and move into their purpose within the kingdom of God. We do this as a team effort with all of our faithful partners.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us and please know that we are humbled by your desire to do so.

We also thank you for your prayers for the wisdom of God in manifestation in our lives!

Remember, the Word of God is His personal covenant promise to you!
Believe it, Receive it and Act upon it!!!


"The Battle Belongs To The Lord"

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