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"Great Is The Lord"

Expect a Miracle Today!

Several months ago, I started to have abnormal bleeding.  I also started to have some pelvic pain.  My mother has really been a fan of Andrew Wommack for years (and many other pastors now) and has slowly helped me realize who I am in Christ.  In the past, I came across Dan's site and shared it with her, and we both have read articles and used the healing scriptures.  I knew exactly what to do, so I started declaring my healing and using the word of God to feed myself.  One evening, around the second month, I had pelvic pain that caused me to feel nauseated and very uncomfortable...this lasted several hours and was accompanied by more spotting.  I was shaken, but continued to read the healing scriptures.  I came across Hagin's book "The Believer's Authority" and it really spoke to me.  Somewhere during this time, I emailed Dan for a prayer request and he emailed me back that he was praying.  I eventually emailed him and told him that I was standing firm, that I had read Hagin's book, and that I was slowly feeling better.  By the third month, I continued to stand, but the voice of doubt started to creep in.  The occasional spotting and pain continued, although not as severe as before.  I struggled with the decision to see a doctor as a sign of unbelief.  Ultimately, as a mother of 2 young children, I thought that it would be wise to see the doctor.  My doctor sent me for an ultrasound.  The morning of the ultrasound, I opened my email and had a God moment.  Dan Downey had responded to my previous email from several weeks ago (even though I didn't expect him to) and sent me some very uplifting, positive words.  It was so interesting that the very morning of my test I received a word from him! The entire way to the ultrasound I praised, I shouted, I declared my promises.  I screamed I DEMAND MY RIGHTS! I rebuked the devil.  I told him that he was a liar and I laughed in his face.  I am pleased to say that I just opened my ultrasound results and they are NORMAL.  PRAISE JESUS!  Thank you Dan....so much!  -  Marcie 6/26/20

It is with much gratitude I am sending this praise report for two healings. Within the last few months I sent two prayer requests. The first was for my brother who was undergoing treatments for colon cancer. He required two surgeries and 25 chemo/radiation treatments and the medical team weren't particularly optimistic. But... he got word this past week at a follow up appointment that there is no more sign of any cancer. Glory to God!

Also, my newborn grandnephew had to have brain surgery the day after he was born to release pressure from his brain caused by a traumatic brith. The surgery was successful but three weeks later at a follow-up appointment the prognosis didn't look good as they felt the healing wasn't going according to plan. However....Glory to God, they made an another appointment three weeks later with another neurologist and he has now been given a clear bill of health. God is so good! Thank you so much for agreeing with me for their healings. Your ministry is truly a God send! - Ellyn 4/26/18

I asked for healing prayer because I had received a report from a medical examination that my one remaining kidney which could have caused me to lose my job because of this kidney failure. Its not my first time to read the healing scriptures and to ask for prayer. I read the scriptures as per the instruction and I went for a repeat test yesterday after a week of reading the healing scriptures all the results were normal AND my kidney function test is normal as well. Praise the lord. Thank you for your prayers - Esnath N. From Zimbabwe 4/26/18

Last year I sent in a prayer request. In June 2017, I was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer that spread from my breast to two lymph nodes and to my liver. I was told I was only going to have chemotherapy to prolong my life since I have small children. I printed out all of your teachings, kept them in a binder, and read through all the scriptures on healing. I stayed in The Word and wrote healing scriptures down & posted them on every wall of every room in my house. I learned to stop asking Jesus for my healing, and instead I just started praising and thanking Him that my healing was already accomplished. In November, my CT results showed no cancer cells in my body I praise God for this miracle! God is so awesome! Thank you and your wife for creating this website. - Susi M. 2/2/18

About 9 years ago you sent me the book called Gods' Creative Power for Healing, which was full of professions of faith of the healilng Scriptures. I was having trouble walking because of severe arthritis. God healed me and I did my first triathlon the same year I got sick! God is so good. Sorry that it took so long for me to share this testimony with you. - Joni M. 10/4/17

I had sent a prayer request last year. God did it. I went for testing and i am now HIV Negative. Winfred M. 10/02/17

I am immersing myself in scriptures and getting results, and getting lots of confidence in trusting God alone - Stephen O. 9/25/17

Thank you all. I wanted to give my testimony that I have been healed of Herpes. I went back to the doctor and got retested. The results were NEGATIVE. I want to thank you all for providing me knowledge to strengthen my Faith and to get closer to Jesus Christ and God. I love you all. I will continue to worship the Lord daily and have turned away from all the acts of sin that I used to do. Praise the Lord!!!! - Jermaine S. 12/30/16

I often read the shared testimonies others share on your website and am encouraged. So, I wanted to share our praise report. Last year I sent in a prayer request for my son Kaleb. At the time he was ten, now eleven. He was struggling with severe joint pain, headaches and severe intestinal cramping on a daily basis. After I sent in the request, approximately six days later every symptom was gone! Wow did we dance and sing praises to the KING! To date Kaleb does not complain of joint pain or cramping in the stomach. In fact, Kaleb is back to a "normal diet." He'd been off of gluten for some time because we thought it may have been contributing to the stomach issues. But now he's back to eating whatever he desires. He's so happy to be able to eat his favorite bagels once again :) Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness to pray with me for my son! God bless you. - Kara Y. 03/09/16

Hi pastor Dan, I wanted to give you our testimony. My son has been having several seizures a day every day since he was two months old. One EEG recorded almost 100 in a 24 he period. We prayed and declared him healed in Jesus name. But it was difficult sometimes to stay uplifted and would call on good friends and family to pray when we felt we couldn't. Last week we called on two friends to pray for him before coming to Austin for an EEG. We had started an aggressive treatment in November and were now gonna see the results of it. The night before the results I was so nervous that I took communion and thanked God that Jesse is healed and I gave Jesse communion too. Yesterday we received the news that his EEG showed NO SEIZURE activity!!! I thank God for honoring my faith and looking past my moments of weakness when I doubted Him. He didn't have to honor me with what I feel was sometimes wavering faith, but He did because he is a loving and merciful God. I often used your list of healing scriptures to pray over Jesse and will continue to. Jesse has alot of developing to catch up on and this time I will read those scriptures with unwavering faith! Thank you for your website. God bless you! - Diane H. 1/20/16

I was diagnosed with Herpes this last September. I found your website and sent in a prayer request for healing. I began to read through your healing website and listened to your audio teachings and began to apply the my faith and stand upon the Word of God for healing. I began to develop a deeper realtionship with the Lord and knew He wanted me well. I was tested again in November and my test values were cut in half. Then again I went to be tested in December and I was pronounced healed by the doctors. Praise God. - Barbie D. 1/04/16

I sent in a prayer request about a year ago.I had been suffering from abdominal pains that would cause me to vomit so I was living on pain killers,I was also going through depression for about 3 years.I stood on the word,praised and worshipped God when doubt tried to creep in. It's been over a year now and the pains and tears are a distant memory (job 11:16-18) .Glory to God. - Lethabo M. 1/04/16

By the Grace of God, His marvelous healing power has manifested in my life. I put my faith to work and went ahead for the tests and to the glory of God I am free from all sicknesses and disease. Thank you and your prayer team for agreeing with me in prayer. I continue to meditate daily on the word because now I know what God has made me in Christ. My marriage, children, health and finances are blessed in Jesus name. - Enoch B. 12/18/15

You're ministry has helped me immensely. I have BEEN healed and now getting consistent miracle healings for others. PTL! - Tom C. 11/21/15

I would like to thank God for leading me to the website savedhealed. The first thing that lifted my spirit was receiving a response after i sent a prayer request. The word of God in Isaiah 61:1 say "he has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives.."

Today as I send this email, my spirit is free compared to when I sent the prayer request. I didn't want to see my son growing up taking Antiretrovirals for the whole of his life just like me but praise be to God because my son is healed of HIV. I sent a prayer request and kept on speaking the healing scriptures over my son's life. After some time the skin rashes that were tormenting him vanished and to confirm that my son is HIV free, the blood test came back negative. I thank God for what he has done in my life. Mpho M. 11/16.15

I just wanted you to know that the Lord has used you to save my life and restore hope to me. I was just too broken for too long and couldn't find the strength to go on. Praise God for leading me to your website! I am so very grateful for your messages that encouraged me to keep going when I felt I couldn't endure another day, helping me to stand strong on the Word, picking me back up when I felt defeated and discouraged, and keeping me aware of the ways of the enemy. Thank You Jesus for Pastor Dan! Veronica A. 11/16/15

Thanks for your prayers my mom is back on her feet, I give thanks and praise to the Lord for answered prayers. Saabie B. 9/28/15

Just a note to thank you for your wonderful website savedhealed.com - it has been a great blessing to me as I am standing against a number of situations that the enemy is trying to get me to accept. Many of Pastor Dans teachings I have been exposed to before - from the time I got saved in the early 80's I have read after and been to Kenneth E. Hagin meetings and also Charles Capps and Benny Hinn meetings.

When I started having serious health issues I would apply what I had learned through these great teachers- but some how I seemed to be reaching out with the hand of faith - and still failed to grasp these thruth's - they seemed almost elusive to me - and I would become upset with The Lord about it. Then I would read again Brother Hagins statement about a "faith failure" being always our issue - not Gods. I always understood that to be true. I would always say that there was something missing in these teachings - that I needed more understanding in some fashion because I was missing it big time. Well I am here to say - NO MORE!

When I started to read the teachings and most especially Pastor Dans notes on the scriptures - in fact all of Pastor's teachings - the stronghold within came down- for me it was almost a physical sensation,as I was reading - something was taking place within me. I have had that sensation only one other time in my life and it was also indicative of something taking place in the Soulish realm within me. The anointing on these teachings and the teacher is a tangible annointing.

Many healing evangelists of the 20th century have said that they were aware that a certain percentage of the people that received healing at their meetings would lose the healing in the weeks that followed. Some said they didn't know why that happened - Brother Hagin said - the reason that it happened is because they received their healing in an atmosphere where many were gathered together In faith - but when they got off alone they didn't have the faith themselves to hold on to it. I think that strongholds are one of the biggest reasons people don't get their healing - the worst part of a stronghold is you aren't always aware that there was one till it is crushed - and many times it seems to take a good teacher with a strong anointing to reiterate the scriptures - The Holy Hammer of God - and then and only then is the stronghold removed. That's what happened for me when I read your teachings along with the scriptures - it was the anointing that broke the yoke. And Pastor I know what I say is true - because I have read and read and read these scriptures for literally decades but didn't have a breakthrough in the area of healing till now. I have printed much of what is in your website and booked it in a 3-ring binder and I read it daily and speak scriptures and proclaim my healing daily - because I know I have it.

I am sending an offering to you for this ministry - its a Jubilee year offering - yesterday Sept. 23rd was the 1st day the Jubilee year - I think its a timely offering because this is the year of the restoration of my health - thank you and Keiko for your faithfulness to The Lord and your ministry to the body of Christ. Tracie De P. 9/24/15

Hi Pastor over a year ago I started to hear from the Holy Spirit of the importance of speaking God's Holy Word. I have been raised in church but was never really taught how important this is I read s book called Speak To the Mountain and then found your web site Saved/Healed. I listen to your MP3 files each night before I fall asleep. I had no idea what I was being prepared for.

A year ago my son struggled with terrible anxiety and I was diagnosed with bladder cancer . I am thankful to God for healing us both from these .

This week my daughter gave birth to my grandson Caleb Andrew. She had a very difficult labor experience and once the baby was born he wasn't breathing. I am so thankful that God had been preparing me (girding up my loins) for these difficult moments. After much prayer and speaking scriptures over both of them, by his grace they were saved! Thank you for the time you put into your teachings and I also give thanks to God for making it available and his wonderful grace and love! Terri D. 9/18/15

Hey Dan. Have just received a book from you and Keiko all the way to Zimbabwe. I want to thank you and every one making it possible. Since l started Healing Scriptures l have improved dramatically. I can walk easily ,which l couldnt after being in bed for more than a year. The doctor had said there was no hope since it involved damage to my nerves. Now l am walking freely. With the arrival of this wonderful book l have more testimony to follow. Only my ears are left to hear. I am so happy. Never believed all this is possible if you only believe His Word. Halleluah. Precious Esther M. 9/17/15

Pastor Dan opened my eyes to how to appropriate divine healing for myself. He went ahead and sent me a book "God's Creative Power for Healing" which helped me to stand on the finished work of redemption which has ensured healing for me. As I began to stand on the Word of God, stage 3 breast cancer melted out of my system. It been 6 years and I have not had any health issues whatsoever. GOD WORD WORKS!! - Rukky M. (Nigeria) 8/31/15

I had asked for a healing for my dad who was very sick after the CABG surgery. He went on and off the ventilator due to problems with his heart and lungs. We desperately needed him back. After much prayers and abiding in His word, i can gladly say that my dad is being shifted to private room. Yesterday when i saw him, he was sitting in a chair and perfectly alright with all the IV lines being removed. PRAISE THE LORD. Thanks - Susanna J. 8/10/15

Pastor Dan opened my eyes to how to appropriate divine healing for myself. He went ahead and sent me a book "God's Creative Power for Healing" which helped me to stand on the finished work of redemption which has ensured healing for me. As I began to stand on the Word of God, stage 3 breast cancer melted out of my system. It been 6 years and I have not had any health issues whatsoever. GOD WORD WORKS!! - Rukky M. (Nigeria) 8/31/15

Thank you for your prayers. My oldest son was a meth addict for many years. He stopped several months ago. Halleluyah! The scripture I stood on was Isaiah 17-19. Your website is a wonderful blessing to me. Jan T. 8/10/15

I sent in a prayer request last month for cure of ovarian cyst and belly ache. I received an email that the prayer team is praying for me. I went for another scan and was told the cyst has dissolved and my belly was absolutely normal. - Mercino 8/10/15

I had written to you in April asking for prayer regarding a mass in my tummy! The test results have come back and it is all clear! Also my uncle has been healed from prostrate cancer! no medical treatment was needed - just prayer, a positive and forgiving attitude and natural remedies! Also my husband has been offered two jobs now after waiting for over 5 years! - Shermane O. 8/10/15

I messed up and was scared for a long time I had an std, but was too nervous to have a Dr confirm it. I had the symptoms. I came across your website and started reading the healing scriptures every chance I could. I prayed and believed and confessed the scriptures outloud. I finally decided to put my faith into action. I made an appointment to see a Dr and get tested. I contacted you for prayer the day before. They tested me for every std, but it all came back negative. Thank you, Jesus! - Tgal 3/31/15

Some where 3 years ago, I noticed my heart could beat abnormally with severe electric-like shocks going through the left side of my body. I immediately knew something was not right but I declined to go to the hospital because i knew they were limited and moreover, I didnt have money for the tests they were going to require. I decided to use my faith. That was when i chanced upon your website. I took my healing scriptures, and partook of the holy communion and believed i was healed regardless of the symptoms which even seemed worse than earlier. It was after some months that I suddenly remembered that I used to experience issues with my heart. I am perfectly healed.

Then a few weeks ago, I noticed I was visiting the washroom at much shorter intervals, experienced abdominal and back pains which I Googled and found out.were symptoms of a urinary tract infection. I started taking some drugs but did not see any improvements. I decided to use my faith since afterall healing had been made available to me already. I took communion on the evening of 24/05/2015 and received my healing and started praising God. I read keiko's healing testimony over and over again any time I felt doubts creeping in and used the word as well as thanking God for my healing. Eventhough the symptoms seemed to have increased I stayed on the word because I knew I was healed. To the glory of God, I am absolutely healthy today. Glorrrrry!!! - Olive A. 3/26/15

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with HIV. With that diagnosis came thoughts of suicide and desperation. Before this, I had lived a life of chastity in reliance upon God and His word but sadly, in a moment of weakness, I gave in to the flesh and contracted this disease. But God was not silent. Surely He will always be with His children in trouble and eventually show them His salvation as His word puts it in Psalm 91. He was with me, yes in that trouble I had gotten myself into. He spoke to me and warned me of hell and reminded me of His love and brought me to the place of repentance, to receive His forgiveness and for healing.

I reasoned out and said to myself, "God can't tell me about forgiveness and healing if He can't forgive and heal". I started my search for knowledge . I wanted to know if God forgives and heals and if it is His will to heal everyone and of any and all disease. I found out from Psalm 103 that He forgives all my sins and heals all my sickness.

The enemy quickly whispered that the word was for David the psalmist and not mine. When he said that, I realized he just made a mistake and agreed that the word was true. The other truth is that he proved himself a liar in saying it was David's only. God reminded me that His word is profitable for doctrine, reproof and instruction in righteousness that every man of God may be perfect and complete lacking nothing. (2 Tim 3:16-17)

From that, I gained confidence. I then felt led to go to the internet. I wanted to know if anyone has ever been healed from HIV. I found testimonies linked to sites full of knowledge. I found websites such as www.savedhealed.com whose testimony and teachings were of help to me in that time of need.

God has restored my health as at first (Jeremiah 33:7). No matter how you have transgressed just turn back to him. He does not turn away any. His integrity commits Him not to let any perish and He will restore all that you lost or was robbed from you.

On Feb 20, 2015, I was seated outside a clinic. I reminded God how I had just applied His word in my life the way he required me. I told Him and acted upon His Word realizing it is Him and will ever remain to be Him. I expected to receive exactly what the Word declared to me and for Him to perform His Word. I told Him that I believed this HIV test would not be positive. I told Him positive people are sick and that is not who He says I am. As I was doing this, the devil was telling me that I am foolish and that the test would be positive. The enemy was fighting me hard and reminding me of the symptoms and the suffering I was in.

I remembered how Jonah disregarded the signs and symptoms in his storm and regarded them as mere lying vanities. I considered the devil and his symptoms as lying vanities and put my focus on God and in the evidence of His Word.

The test came back negative, praise God, I was healed and I am healed to date.

We need to understand who we are in Christ Jesus, and where God has re-positioned us in redemption. No devil, principality, demon or any power of darkness can get there. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places! - Ibrahim K. 3/28/15

I sent in a prayer request a few weeks ago regarding my grandson Rashad requesting healing for his behavior. Rashad was hitting students and his teacher and calling them ugly names and just acting out very badly. He had been suspended several times which I felt was not appropriate for a 7 year old who was really immature and did not understand being suspended. After sending an email to the principal regarding the suspension, his mother and I met with the principal, assistant principal, teacher and another staff to discuss his behavior. They discussed some alternatives that what be put into motion. After the meeting, he had started getting into trouble daily and the teacher had to call his mother. It was getting worse.

A week or two later I sent in a prayer request and Rashad's behavior has turned around. In addition, his father has stepped up and been spending more time with him. I keep asking, did Rashad get into trouble today? His mother said, no. Amazing, how his father has stepped up since that prayer request was sent in. His mom called me the other day and said, " that man is trying to kidnap my baby", he's not going to keep my baby. She said that because, he kept him for an entire week and he had never did that before. He has been picking him up from school and some days taking him to school. Thank you, Jesus and Saved/healed prayer line for your prayers. Prayers changes things, I am a true believer of that. Keep it up. I am enjoying your website. Thanks again, Yvonne B - 3/25/15

My father had a stroke in 2011 when he was 86. Because of this, he cannot speak, is bedridden and has to be fed through a tube. I am the only Christian among 5 siblings. I shared the Gospel with him and he accepted Jesus, indicating it with the rising of his eyebrows since he is unable to speak. I live in Canada and he is in the Philippines. I started following your savedhealed website sometime end of 2012. Ever since my father accepted Jesus I started sharing the Word with him through Skype. In 2013, he had a seizure and was hospitalized in the ICU. He was brought back home in July 2013 and that was when I started declaring the Healing Scriptures to him thru Skype. I also sent him CDs of your mp3 sermons. Because of acute anemia, he needed blood transfusions almost every 2 weeks but I continued with the Healing Scriptures. Finally, December 5, 2013 was the last time he had a blood transfusion. As I patiently declared the Word to him and prayed with him, his condition stablized. My prayers for him to be spared of any physical pain were answered. I asked God to show my father His love and His mighty healing power and He did. Since Dec 2013 he hasn’t been hospitalized. There was gangrene on two of his toes but surgery could not be an option for his age. In May 2014, when I was in the Phils, I laid hands and prayed over those toes asking God to spare my father from surgery. The necrotic toes came off after 3 days. They just healed by themselves. Healing is really in the Word. Joshua 21:45 “Not one of all the LORD's good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” 1 Kings 8:56 “..Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses. - Aurora B. 3/18/15

Dear Pastor Dan, I sent in a prayer request recently as I was diagnosed of coronary artery disease following a CT scan. I wish to thank you for your prayers and for responding to my email. God has indeed moved in a powerful way. God revealed Himself to me on several occasions, therefore I knew He wanted me to fight the good fight of faith. I stood on God's Word as I battled with the side effects from taking heart medications. For 3 weeks prior to my angiogram test, I also suffered from a host of physical afflictions e.g. chest discomfort, fever, flushing, back pain, etc. but I stood firm believing that "By His stripes I am healed". The Lord further reassured me with this scripture - "I have delivered Jericho into your hands".

The day before the angiogram test, I experienced throbbing heartbeat which lasted throughout the night. The next morning, just before the test the cardiologist briefed his team about my condition and they were prepared to proceed with angioplasty. After the test, the cardiologist was baffled because he could not detect any blockage in my arteries. As the walls of Jericho crumbled, all my arteries were unclogged as healing was manifested in my body. I received complete healing because I would not settle for anything less than God's best.I want to praise and thank God for my healing! Hallelujah! I give all glory to God for the victory and deliverance!

Pastor Dan, thank you for your wonderful website and for helping believers build their faith by claiming God's promises on health and victory over the devil. - Lynette Y. 9/29/14

God has healed me from genital warts. I thought I was going to live with it forever,I was so scared. But God saved me! He led me to this site so I can be free, after reading the powerful messages,I gave my life to christ on the ist of this month,my first testimony was the peace God gave me,I stopped having that feeling that I was sick,I kept praising God,I also did as Pastor Dan adviced "that we should put our name on those powerful scriptures and pray with faith"..all the warts disappeared within a week! Praise God! Thanks Pastor Dan and Pastor Keiko, God used you to make me happy again! - Queeneth O. 6/24/14

The Lord has healed the bleeding in my stomach I suffered from for 5 months so that my hemoglobin counts were every time very low but now they have been normal for 7 months! A specialist in stomach sicknesses did an endoscopy in my stomach for 7 months ago and he did not see any bleeding wounds there! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE and GLORY and HONOUR to our SAVIOR and HEALER, JESUS CHRIST! Earlier this year – as I told to you – the LORD healed a severe and sharp pain in my right knee and also healed a severe pain in my hip joint capsule which I suffered from for 11 months. Dear friends, I so appreciate your precious and fervent prayers for us. May the LORD reward you for your faithfulness! - Ariel. M. 12/20/13

I sent a request to you recently about healing for my 18 year old daughter and she was healed! - Denise C. 12/8/13

I e-mailed a prayer request a while ago. I'm the math teacher from Princeton. I was given scary news about Stage 4 breast cancer with lesions on my liver, and through your website I took it to Jesus. Today I had a scan. They couldn't find two of the four tumors, and the other two are almost completely gone!!! Praise God! I truly believe that I am receiving the healing that Jesus bought for me on that cross. I just had to share my news with you. Thank you for your prayers. - Karen C. 10/4/13

I recently submitted a prayer request for healing. I have recently returned to the doctor for a complete run of test. Today I received the results and all of my test results are negative!! Thank you Jesus!!
My blood is clean and clear!! The Lord forgave my iniquities and healed my diseases. Thank you for praying and believing God with me for my healing!! The doctors may say there is no cure for Herpes but my Father God says not so….Jesus done it all up on the cross!! Thank you for your prayers! May God bless and keep you both. - A. S. 9/21/13

About 6 weeks ago, I stmbled on your site when I was doing a research on Divine Healing. I was then trusting God for healing for my fiance who then had sickle cell anaemia. Funny enough, that day, I printed out healing scriptures from your site and I told him that when we see each other over the weekend, we would discuss how we want to go about receiving our miracles.

The very next day, the devil struck and I got a text that he was being rushed to the hospital. I prayed, confessed scripture and was so strong in faith. As I got to the hospital, there was an unexplainable joy bubbling on the inside of me and I knew the devil had lost the battle finally. We broke bread and made a prayer of agreement that it would be his last visit to the hospital and 2 hours later, he was totally fine. The doctors insisted on his staying over and he left the next day (The average time he spends in the clinic most times is 2 weeks). We finally met over the weekend, and made a daily plan which includes praying in tongues, taking communion and making our three page confessions on health and total well being.

He is totally healed today. He was on daily drugs before, always had to drink water and could not walk long distance. His body was always hot. Now he is fresh, adding weight, free from daily drugs(just took it once during the first week), stopped drinking water out of necessity, now sweats, walks long distances etc. God is Faithful. - Amarachi A. (Nigeria) 5/13/13

Since taking a firm stand on the healing Scriptures and building their faith, we received a testimony from K.M. on their healing. "I was diagnosed with emphysema after having a ct scan and all the usual tests. Last August they sent me for another ct scan and found that my lungs were clearing. So the doctor wanted to do another scan in a couple of months to see if there is any change. After the next scan, to my doctors complete amazement, my lungs were totally and completely clear! No emphysema at all AND scarring is gone and the air sacs and air way are all normal - everything is totally normal. I told him that the Lord did it. Glory to God. And that's not all. During that first scan, they also discovered that I had hardening of my aorta and the last scan showed that this also was cleared up - also to the doctors amazement. And to top it all off - I also HAD gastritis, spastic colon and diverticulosis. These have all been healed as well - wow! God is truly great - all glory to God!!! He is the great Healer. - K.M. 3/26/13

I had liver disease about 5 years ago, and I came to your website and found healing. Now my father, who is a christian also might possibly have cancer. I have introduced this site to him now. - T. Yuen 3/8/13

A few months ago I shared your website with a friend of mine who had emailed me saying the doctor had seen fibroids in her stomach and they "may have been cancerous," so she was scheduled for an operation. She then wrote to you and you sent her the prayer book, when she went for her check up just before the operation the fibroids were gone and untraceble, there was no need of surgery and no "fear" of cancer. We are both happy and excited and just want to say Thank God for you and your wife and ministry. JESUS HEALS. - Katie C. (Ukraine) 2/1/13

I want to thank you for your website and sharing your healing testimony. Soon after becoming a Christian I discovered I had Coeliac disease. I had heard many healing sermons and believed God would heal me. But after a while, it got worse and worse, to the point where my doctor said I might have Crohns' disease. This made me very sad. I cried out to the Lord, but still nothing happened. I started to question whether life was worth living. One day God brought me to your website. I heard your testimony and realised that confessing healing scriptures wasn't enough. I had to command the diseases to go. I took my authority in Christ and began telling them to leave. Every time I felt stomach pain, I'd tell it to go. It left instantly! But it wasn't too long before it came back. I've been persistent so that now, nearly a month later, I feel better than I ever have! Thank you again, God bless, - David G. (Australia) 1/17/13

I emailed you a little over a month ago when my husband had a physical and they told him he had a growth on his thyroid and he failed his stress test...we have believed and thanked god for his healing. The dr is not concerned with the thyroid at this point so we will continue to speak the word. The cardiologist had him do a radioactive stress test which is more accurate and he failed that also, we broke down for a little bit and jumped right back up speaking the word, he told him he saw shadowing and it looked like he would need stents so he went in monday morning for an arteriogram so he could see where the blockages were at, the test showed no blockages and the dr said his arteries were clean as a whistle, the dr said he could not understand why he saw it and when he went in to do the dye it was gone. But we know why! Lol. We even claimed Ezekial 16:6 because it is a main artery and causes a lot of bleeding, when they took the cath out he only bled a couple of drops! His iv bled more! Lol. He got to come home within a couple of hours instead of 4 or 5. I appreciate the teaching you give, we used the charles capps book right away and printed out daily faith confessions, we also did communion several times a week. God is so faithful! One thing we learned is that it really is easy to trust when we learn to rest in his love and let him fight our battles. I have dealt with fear and anxiety off and on for years and he has really shown me how to trust! Thanks again for your site! - Nicola D. (USA) 1/15/13

Hi Dan, Glory to God! 4 d bounty havest n increase in ur ministry. 2012 has been such a memorable n wonderful year 4 me n my family, early this year, d doctor looked everywhere in my body but couldn't find any trace of cancer in my body ha ha ha ha, how great our God is. Remember that little but big wonderful book (Gods Medicine by Charles Capps) u gave me? I took the medicine in that book and more healing scriptures from your internet site three times dailly n by d time I went 4 my next check up, all my test reports were clean of any trace of cancer. The Dr couldn't believe it so he request that I undergo d tests again n d result still did not show any trace of cancer, this amazed d Dr a great deal. Our God is indeed faithful. By Jan 4th 2013 it will b a year n I feel as energised as a horse n haven't stayed away from work on account of d sickness 4 a day. I give Glory to God for bringing a true heaven ambasador like u my way. - Rukky M. (Nigeria) 12/31/12

Thank you for your blessed words or Gods Word which I have listened to your Mp3 so many times over and over again, I am really blessed by Yahweh through you. I got born again through your Healing testimony and Icannot get sick anymore :). I'm almost for 3 years sickness and disease free!, it's like I am a new creation ;). I just wanted to let you know you are making a very big difference in my Life. - Stephan N. 12/3/12

The Holy Spirit led me to you website last fall when I was under physical attack. After I submitted my request I listened everyday to your audio teachings and once I received my booklet by Charles Capps, I read that several time daily. Soon, the year long rash I had suffered with and my rectal bleeding stopped. Praise God!! I was still dealing with my scoliosis, though. Well, this past April, the Holy Spirit convicted my wife and I about not being faithful tithers. We would give whatever was left over when we could. My wife and I repented and made a public confession in front of our congregation that we would no longer withhold our tithes. That same week I was miraculously healed of 24 years of scoliosis. I saw in the Spirit my spine coming into alignment. My pastor declared it was because our obedience in giving our tithe that allowed the healing to operate in my life. - Brian H. 6/8/12

I had a health issue and I got people from my church to agree with me in prayer that I am healthy. I also stood firm on the scriptures on your website, and with in a few weeks now I am healed. - Ellie D. 6/8/12

I want to give glory to God for healing me. Ithought I would never walk again but now I walk, I work and the things that I was failing to do I do. Thank you. I would love for the poeple who are in a similar situation to look up to God, because with him all things are possible. - Linda M. 5/15/12

Back in October 2011 I had all four wisdom teeth removed. Afterwards one of them kept giving me trouble and woulldn't heal correctly. Also my entire gum/jaw hurt when I chewed on that side. I knew that it would take a few months for everything to heal up so I wasn't really worried. A few months passed by and it was still causing me problems. I found this site about a year ago and I've been applying it to some other health problems so one day I stuck my finger up to my jaw and cursed this pain like Jesus cursed the fig tree. I told the pain to leave my body in the name of Jesus every time it came to my attention. I was determined not to go back to the dentist because it hurt so much the first time lol. I was depending on God to take care of this for me and he did. After a week or so of rebuking the pain and praying for healing I noticed one day there was something hard back there in the area where the pain was. It stayed like this a few days and I could touch it but I couldn't tell what it was. I woke up one morning and felt this thing with my tongue and noticed it was loose. I reached back there and touched it with my finger and pulled it out. Low and behold it was a piece of bone about 1/4" long by 3/16" wide. I was amazed to say the least. No wonder it was causing me so much pain. It was sharp like a knife and was poking my gum every time I chewed and it was also causing the area around it not to heal. Another day or two went by and there is zero pain and the place where the tooth was, healed perfectly just like the other three did. I guess this piece was left behind by accident when they extracted that tooth. I have a few more things that I'm counting on God to do health wise. I know its already done so I just continue to stay positive and stand on his word because I know it will not return to him void. - Chris P. 3/28/12

Results of my mother's body and bone scans are clean of cancer! The doctor has ordered a stop of the taxol chemotherapy treatment for now and only Herseptin every three weeks instead of the weekly treatments! Still need to do a brain scan in a couple weeks but NO PROBLEM! Jesus' saving-healing power is on our side! Satan has no chance here! - Matt T. 3/9/12

A couple of months ago I sent in a prayer request for my daughter Stephanie who HAD debilitating seizures. She's suffered with them since age 12 (she is now 26) and through the years they got worse to where she would have two to three a day. She got to the point where she had to wear head gear and have caregivers or family with her 24/7. It was very stressful, like living on the edge everyday never knowing when one would come upon her. We have been praying for her for years. One day my daughter found this site on line and gave us the healing scriptures to read over my husband who was having heart surgery. After his recovery, I took the healing scriptures and began reading them to Steph. I asked her to read them for herself and begin pressing in for healing even more than before. In the morning I would anoint her with oil and bind the strong man (the devil) and demand that the seizures leave her body and declare that she has been healed in Jesus Name. I could see her attitude change during this period of time and her desire to be more obedient to her parents. She went on a fast and then started only eating vegetables, nuts, and raw foods. I know the hand of the Lord was upon her to be able to do this. She has gone from 2 to 3 seizures a day to 3 last week and none this week. I'm taking back what the devil stole from her, Thanks so much for your powerful website jam packed with encouraging messages, and teachings. It has been an invaluable tool! I also glean strength and hope from your powerful Facebook ministry. - Susan H. 3/9/12

I was in severe pain last nite...felt like a kidney stone. I took pain pills which helped. I attended a healing seminar last weekend. I kept waiting for healing and yesterday...Pain! I listened to your story of your own healing and this morning I was pain free and my prostate felt great! The enemy keeps coming about whether healing is for real, but I am standing on what Jesus already did for me. When I feel a tinge of pain, I stand on my healing and speak to the pain and fear. Thanx, Phil C. - 2/11/12

I am the girl who sent in a prayer request and you sent a healing booklet to read... I must say, I am healed by Jesus' stripes. I dont feel the pain in my heart no more and I trust His words. My God is Worthy to be praised. Sickle cell, anemia and murmur -GOODBYE TO THOSE SICKNESSES! Shanice R. - 2/8/12

Sometime ago i sent in a prayer request needing healing from HIV... i did a test after submitting my request and it still came positive, needless to say i didn't stop praying and believing God for my miracle... about 2 weeks ago I had a blood test screening for everything and Praise be to God there was no negative report - no sign of HIV. I believe that my God has healed me... He is worthy... Thank you so much for you prayers and your website, indeed we serve a MIRACLE working God... hallelujah.. Catherine M. 12/12/11

I recently had arthritis come on me INSTANTLY due to stress. I could not get rid of it. After finding your teaching online, I want to report that I have been completely healed. - Linda R. 11/22/11

Pastor Dan! Incredible news! I prayed and had others intercede for me over the issue I mailed about. I did an HIV screening today and it was negative just as I prayed for! Now its time to kill of the Tuberculosis! God be praised! Thank you and savedhealed.com is not a website, its a Home of Power. God bless, you have a ardent supporter in me! - Rico M. 9/2/11

Good afternoon pastor Dan, thank you for your wonderful website. I have been praying for numerous healings and I have to report that the blepharitis which is an on going chronic disease is gone and my ears are healed. I can finally hear after 2 months, without having my eardrums lanced open as I have had to do every time in the past. Praise the Lord, he has healed my of these 2 debilitating diseases. Thank you God. And thank you for opening my eyes to the word you are an angel sent from God. Amen!!! - Lacy M. 5/23/11

All those healing scriptures you posted have been so life changing! I was raised in a church that believes it isn't Gods will to heal everyone but after coming across your website, our eyes have been opened to new truth and now my mom is completely healed from a 6 year battle with lyme disease!! :) And since then I've been sending that site and telling everyone I know GOD IS THE HEALER!! Praying for you and your ministry! Be blessed!!! - Emily V. 3/23/11

Dear Pastor Dan - its a year since you sent me that book on healing and strengthened my faith in the power of THE WORD! Its going to be a year in April, since we recieved my son's healing, which we are still holding onto. I just want to thank you for the love that God has poored in your heart for all humanity. Even though you only knew me via facebook, you extended yourself to my family and for this i thank the Lord for you. To this day I stand a witness that miracles are not a thing of the past, but are for here and now, we just need to believe and apply the word...'if symptoms persist increase the dosage, there are no harmful side effects for overdose'.....i liked that! May God continually bless you and your family. - Thands D. 3/8/11

Thank you everyone for praying for my mom, Mrs. Shaila M. GOD, has totally healed her and the doctors say that she has been completely healed of every form of pain and septicemia and her kidneys are pretty safe. According to the medical staff her complete recovery is a sheer miracle! PRAISE GOD!!! - Prabha J. 2/28/11

I was diagnosed with Shingles 4 ½ years ago and within a month was also diagnosed with Herpes (related viruses). I had tried confessing the word of God for my healing but, like your testimony Pastor Dan, didn’t get the breakthrough – it left me wondering if I was bringing this on my life by some sin or if something else was going on. I went through everything I could think of to get breakthrough over my situation, however, nothing did it. Any remedies I tried gave only temporary relief and I would have continual break outs of shingles over my lower back. I discovered your website and determined that I was going to continue believing Gods word, but applied it the way you had suggested on your website testimony. Imagine my joy to be able to confess 5 months later that I am totally healed of both Shingles and Herpes. Praise the Lord – it has changed my thinking and my praying – I knew the word of God to be active and living – I believed and He healed me! Hallelujah - Jeanette. 2/6/11

I had been have problems with mensrtal cycle. It had lasted longer than usual. I had been praying that it would stop but , I knew that me praying by myself wouldnt be enough. So I was browsing through for scriptures on healing and the Lord lead me to your wonderful site. I had read the scrptures then I saw where you had an area for prayer requests. So i sent my request on the January 6, 2011 and I had been standing on scriptures like Jereimiah 17:14 and Psalms 107:19-20. On January 10 through the prayers from you guys and my family I am healed!!!!! I am just so greatful that I just cry every morning. I tell God thank you for healing me. When I think about Jesus and what he has done for me and how he set me free and his goodness I can dance and shout all night and day!!!! - Erin K. 1/21/11

God led my Mother to your website the day before my Grandmother was going to be prayed for. She needed a healing, she woke up one morning and couldn't see the hands on the clock and it scared her ( She's 90 yrs old ) so she called a friend of hers and they went to his house and they laid hands on her and prayed for her...! My Mother printed out the I AMs and some more stuff from your website and Grandmother has been Praying and Speaking them! She woke up this morning and could see the hands on the clock!!! Praise God, SHE IS HEALED!!! - Angie S. 10/13/10

I found your website 4 years ago when searching for healing Scriptures as I was going through a crippling depression. Those scriptures I am convinced brought me out of that and I have used them on occasion when needed. Thank you - K. R. 10/11/10

THANK YOU for publishing all of the healing scriptures online. We had a miracle healing tonight here in my living room! My son and girlfriend laid hands on my severely sprained ankle (I couldn't walk) and I am no perfectly able to walk and rotate the ankle with no pain! Thank you GOD!!! - Mimi T. 10/7/10

Just a short note to let you know that my sweet , 23yr old daughter in law, Stephanie has been healed of a 7" tumor ( lymphoma) in just 3 months....by prayers, MD Anderson's treatments, and most important the grace of God! Praise the Lord!! I wanted to say thank you again for the booklet that you sent us, the prayers, and your wonderful website that kept us encouraged throughout this ordeal....God Bless you!! - Kelly D. 9/14/10

Hi, you prayed for me and God has started my healing process- My Doctor called this morning- my blood work (Cancer) came back CLEAN- Thank you- HE is in control- HE keeps his promises! - LuAnn M. 4/28/10

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your prayer warriors! I had received my healing after I stood on the word of God and believed Him for my healing-I read the healing scriptures and received communion on 7 March 10 while attending service in Afghanistan and I claimed a date for my healing! By the time I got back to the states I received confirmation of my healing on the date I claimed! Praise God! - Jeannette I. 4/16/10

I received the book you sent. Thank you for sending it to me. I read it and It has boosted my faith. I have already started confessing the word over my body from after reading your testimony and other articles on your website. I've seen an improvement after about a 4 weeks of doing this on a daily basis. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement God Bless you. - Jeevani P. 3/15/10

I downloaded and have confessed your healing scriptures since Sept. I have a praise report, Cancer is GONE from my lungs, spine and reduced by half in the liver. Thank you, you have been a blessing to me. I also dowloaded all your mp3's and your testimony and love them. Thank you! - Kathleen W. 2/11/10

Have been reading/enjoying your website for over a year. Found it when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and can't tell you how much of a blessing it was! I send it to others regularly (just tonight in fact) and visit for refreshers often. Really love the Keep Swinging that Hammer article. Cancer is gone and life is back to beautiful and busy! (Esp. busy with the 4-year old triplets we have :-) Thank you for your efforts in maintaining the site and sharing the VERY good news with others! - Jennifer G. 1/26/10

I sent in a prayer request regarding healing from constipation, genital warts, and other vaginal problems. I would like to say thank You Lord because lately, I have not been having problems with my bowels, no pain, no blood and I have not had any warts or anything. The people who sent their testimony about being HIV+ really inspired me so I told the Lord if He healed these people of something that absolutely have no cure to it, I know what He can do for me and I am soo blessed and thankful for His healing hands. - Courtney H. 12/21/09

I had written requesting prayer for injuries suffered in a car accident on Aug 5, 2009. My right breast was severly traumatized in the accident and I was having much pain in that area. I had a Mammagram done on 12/2/09 and the results were negative for cancer and abnormal cell growth!!!!!!! I want to thank you so much for any and all prayers which were said in my behalf. What a Mighty God we serve and Who loves us so dearly. - Mary C. 12/14/09

Thank you both for your faithful ministry. My friend became well almost immediately after sending you notice of his needs. The rhema of God's Word never fails to astonish me. Love in Christ. - Bill C. 10/20/09

Last night The doctors office called me because of test results coming back with my pregnancy hormone dropping to less than half--they thought the baby was no longer alive. Once I got off the phone the first thing the Lord said was, do not fear.... Quickly He showed me in the Word the story of Jairus And the report about his daughter who had just died and the first thing Jesus told him was do not fear.
I had already been meditating on the healing scriptures and authority scriptures from your site (as the Lord has been preparing me). Last night I stood on those scriptures and worshipped Him. This morning I just spent precious time with Him in praise and worship. He said are you ready to see your baby? On the way to the hospital I was praising Him and I walked thru the hospital with confidence knowing that my baby and I were backed by the Most High God and all of heaven. They performed another ultrasound and there was the baby of the Most High God heart beating, jumping, waving and had some hiccups. The Lord is sooo good I love being in covenant with Him! - Mitsu L. 10/16/09

My dad went to the doctor the other day and his condition has disappeared! Thank you for joining with me in prayer. Deliverance from sin, hell, sickness, oppression and abuse - He really did accomplish it all at the Cross; all we need to do is believe it, receive it and let it manifest. Thanks - Don P. 9/16/09

I recently happened onto your website for help in believing for the healing of many ailments that I had just come to accept as just being part of life. I was greatly encouraged and am standing in faith for my total healing. The testimony I want to share right now is this: I stubbed my baby toe on a door jam and broke it. I did not have it x-rayed but it was badly bruised and I could not walk without sharp pain piercing through the toe. I asked my kids and wife to pray for it and I had to ask them not to put their hands on my foot because it was too painful just having the weight of their hands on it. They commanded healing to come and we decided to go for a walk "in faith". It hurt just to put my shoe on. By the end of the walk, my toe was feeling better and better(I had to speak to the pain and quote the Word many times). I decided to JOG the rest of the way home. By the time I got home it was about 75% pain free. By the next day it was at about 85%. Over the next 2 weeks I
kept speaking to the remaining pain, and believing. Now the pain is completely gone. Praise God. - Mike S. 8/11/09

Just wanted to let you know what the Lord has done for me. I got a bleak kidney test report in December. Test was rated as 72. Normal is around 25. I took communion like Keiko did; claimed my healing and thanked God . Today, I got my latest kidney test results and it was 28. Dr.'s office said, they do not know what I have been doing, but to keep it up. Praise God, I am healed. Thank you for the beautiful website; so inspiring. - Geraldine B. 4/16/09

I am sending this email as a praise report. I sent an email some months ago concerning my health. I asked for prayer for God to heal me of Hepatitis B. I am happy to report that He has done it. Thank you for the messages and the small book you sent me. I am totally healed and living in Divine health. May God increase your ministry and prosper you in the name of Jesus. - Charles K. 4/14/09

I requested prayer on your site the other day for the healing of my arm, shoulder & neck. You replied back and told me that your team was praying for me and for me to read the healing scriptures. I not only read them, I copied, pasted and printed them. I have always believed in healing but have never experienced it like I did this week. My arm has amazingly been healed. I get up in the morning feeling refreshed in my body and soul. I have also printed out the scriptures for salvation for my children. Several are in a rebellious stage but I am now praying scripture over them. They will be saved. My finances are coming next. The devil better watch out! Your website has given me so much encouragement. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder & neck. I feel free once again, not only physically but spiritually. Thank you so much and God bless you. - Sandy L. 1/29/09

Your ministry is a blessing to me. I've been a Christian for many years now. Roughly half a year ago, my health was falling apart. I had sickness regarding my liver that's been bothering me for awhile, it became at the worse a little over half a year ago. Than I came upon your website, and heard your testimony on healing. Yes, Jesus has provided the healing. He has borne our sickness and carried our diseases, our transgressions are also laid upon Him. He has provided healing and taken away our sins. I understood that and I received the healing by faith, and wrote down the date. The sickness I had is gone. My body gets better and better. I am now physically completely fit. Perfectly healed. By his wounds I am healed! I am healed. Thank the Lord. And thank you for your ministry. - Tek Y. 12/29/08

Ten years ago I found this site when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Through daily focus on the scriptures you provided and through confession when my mind began to focus on the pain, I was healed in about 8 weeks. I have no more pain in my muscles at all. - Shelley S. 12/23/08

I recently asked you to pray for me regarding the surgical removal of a potentially cancerous ovarian cyst. The cyst ended up not only being benign, but had begun to desolve on its own, just as I'd prayed for and asked you to pray for. God is awesome! - Ann K. 12/16/08

Through prayers, intercessors, and the hand of God orchestrating majestic and beautiful situations leading me and my wife back to each other, we reconciled on the morning we were to meet to go to divorce court and file the papers. My wife is born again now. I have new relationships with people in my family that I never experienced previously. God has given us accountability partners respectively for our marriage success as well as getting out of debt. Can you believe that God has removed $15,000 in debt in 45 days just by His Grace to our obedience?? - Michael B. 11/23/08

Recently, I requested prayer for my son that he would find employment. You responded to my email, stating that your intercessory team would be praying for this need. Within a very few days (on his birthday!) he received an offer for a position with a local company! I'm truly grateful for the faithful servants of God who stand in faith to intercede on behalf of others. And to God goes the glory! - Celia A. 11/19/08

It’s amazing. Praise be to God. I sent to you my prayer request for healing from HIV. I and my wife were diagnosed and we were found to be HIV+. You accepted to pray for us. Just a few days ago, my wife went for a check up, Doctors did a thorough check up but every test turned out to be negative. She left the hospital without any drug prescribed for her. This has never happened. Isn’t this is amazing? We give glory to the Lord. I too went for checkup, there was nothing in my blood but there was an infection in my urinary tract. I was given the drug and I am recovering steadily.- Mike A. 9/18/08

I give glory to God for healing me of two breast tumors two years apart. I just googled "Healing Scriptures" and this site came up. I followed the instructions and was healed within two weeks of each occurence. Praise the Lord. He is a consuming fire. - Deante' P. 8/07/08

Sometime back, I requested for prayer concerning a pain at the back of my neck and shortly after that, I was free from that pain. I know for sure that I have been healed through your praying for me. Thank you - Cheaw Chan Y. 7/30/08 (Thailand)

Thank you for your response to my recent prayer request. I am thrilled to be able to report to you that at a eye doctor's visit last week, he said that I do *NOT* have glaucoma!! Hallelujah!! I appreciate all the tips given in your email to me, most of which I was already aware of and doing until I got my healing. What I particularly found helpful in building my faith was to copy all of the healing Scriptures & notes, and "pasting" them into a Word document. I then went through and personalized ALL the notes, replacing "you" with "me", and so on, adding things that I thought appropriate. I ended up with 12 pages, and it was a struggle in my flesh almost every night, but I did it!! - Nancy H. 7/15/08

About 1.5 months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and 3 different labs confirmed it. I prayed and everyone prayed for me. I was on prayer list in many places. I had my surgery and the doctors couldn’t find any sign of cancer. I am free of the disease. Satan was attacking me, but the lord helped me. THANK YOU and THANK you LORD for helping. Minoo O. 6/17/08

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website. I have been reading the material and meditating on the scriptures. On 4/23/08 while reading healing scriptures, I claimed my healing. I am witnessing the manifestation of the healing of my surgical skin graft that I received on 3/10. The wound was showing little signs of improvement, but now is definitely making progress. Ruth T. 4/28/08

Several years ago I was given a "word" document of your Healing Scriptures...Since that time I have e-mailed them many times and have family members who have been miraculously healed of stage 4 lung cancer and such after filling their hearts and spirits with those Scriptures... Today, as I read the pages of Scriptures for my own healing of diabetes, I noticed, I think for the first time, your web-addess (I had been so hungry to get the WORD inside my spirit that I overlooked the introductory comments...Forgive me!!) and went to your web site....Now I am all excited about Journalling!! Can't wait to share that info!!! GOD BLESS YOU for putting this information out there where we can access it!! Marj D. 4/22/08

I want to praise Jesus of the wonderful miracle of healing my daughter Lisa of Macular Degeneration "Wet", I wrote and believed with you for a miracle......It is done! The doctors in Miami are baffled, as their is no cure for this eye disease.....but we serve a risen saviour a mighty God King of King and Lord or Lords, when man says No God says Yes. Janice T. 4/20/08

Last month I sent a prayer request. I took your advice and have been standing on the Word. Now I just went to the doctor. The result for blood sugar test according to her is normal and also the goiter test is normal. I just want to give God all glory and praise! L. Modina 4 /12/08

Found your healing scriptures and have been quoting them daily. I have or did have Menieres disease and was having 2 or 3 attacks each week. For the past 9 weeks I have not had one attack. I give God all the glory honour and praise. I have recomended this site to other people. - R. Jollands

Thank you so much for your teaching on healing! The Lord is true to His word and healed me of a tooth abscess this past weekend through your teaching! - PML

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FAITHFUL PRAYERS. GOD HEALED MOM TODAY 3/7/08 X-Rays showed it then X-Rays could not find it. GOD DID IT!!!PRAISE HIM! - Linda H.

I had emailed you and asked for prayer for healing in my body. The symptoms had been there before I made an appointment for tests, and the Dr. acted like when the report came back she'd be referring me to a gynecologist. I had asked you for prayer and also had gone forward at church to be annointed with oil and prayed for on Sun. On Mon I had the test. The symptoms had already stopped. I called on Fri and tests were not back - the devil said to me "strange that the tests aren't back" I just continued to fear not and claim my scriptures. I went forward again on Sun and on Monday I called for the results and they said all of the tests were fine. Thank you for praying for me, and I thank the Lord that He healed me completely. Wow what a wonderful God - I wish everyone knew they could be healed, and that it is what God wants for us. - Darlette E.

The book that you have send to me is very helpful. I qoute some words in the book to my friend who is also sick . I have received my healing and I feel excellent now. - David N.

I came across your website 2 years ago and was healed from internal bleeding after speaking out your scriptures for 2 days. - Sheila M.

What an exciting late night and early AM I had! Every single time the symptoms of that demonic pain woke me up I simply prayed a prayer from your website---the one that is in a story about breaking up concrete--- every single time I prayed and praised the pain abated immediately and i would simply lay back and give verbal praises out loud..........wake up----prayed that prayer----this went on and off for about every 15-20 minutes from around 2 am till 5----slept soundly till 7---woke up like a kid would---pain free--- ! Praise God. Idon't exactly know how to express this but one thing I DO know---there's not too many testimonies about dental/teeth/gums---healing renewal but we all know OUR GOD is capable. Many many thanks to you for this Heavenly website! - Clare

I had a malignant brain tumor 2 and 1/2 years ago and the healing scripture page helped get me through it, God bless you both! - Alison W.

GOD has healed me from Cancer! I love to speak these scriptures out loud for all to hear! Thanks for having them on the web. I often print off extra copies for other people. GOD is Awesome! - Shana S.

I had submitted a prayer request this week, about two days , ago the Lord answered my prayer this afternoon. Praise the Lord, and your wonderful ministry. Many thanks for lift me up in prayer. - Dawn

I was searching for healing scriptures, and I found this site. My husband and I have been studying these for 4 months while he was taking chemo. He is now healed! Praise God! - Sharon

Thank you for sending me that book by Charles Capp “God’s Creative Power for Healing” about a year ago in 2006. I was diagnosed with cancer in Nov. 2006. I read that book several times a day. Today I can tell you that God has healed me. I love that book, but God had me to give it away last month to a person that has MS. I just want you to know that you and your wife have been a blessing to me. God used you to help me, when the doctor gave me no hope. God's word can heal you, no matter what the doctor says. I live in Greenville NC, and I wanted you to know that God is using you to help people all over the world. - Kim A.

I asked for prayer for my daughter who had an abnormal chest x-ray and you said you would pray for her. I want to thank you and praise God that the Cat-scan they did on her came back normal. I am so grateful. - Maribeth C.

I have just heard last week from my Liver Specialist: PRAISE GOD, my Hep C viral level is UNDETECTABLE! After only 3 months of the 1 yr. of treatment; plus no signs of anemia! As an EXTRA Heavenly bonus---my hiv viral is ALSO undetectable. JESUS IS THE GREAT PHYSICIAN ! - Richard A.

In the midst of my husband and I standing on the Word of God for the manifestation of healing of breast cancer, we were both thrilled to see God do healing in my husband's body! He has had four or five painful, bleeding bumps on his forehead for quite some time. Saturday morning he woke up and they had simply vanished! God is so faithful and truly longs to show Himself as our healer! We continue to trust that any time soon He will likewise take care of the cancer in my body! Thank you for your ministry; it has been a great encouragement to us as we stand on God's solid Word - Karen S.

I want to thank you for praying for my aunt sarah. I had asked for prayer for her about 2 months ago. She had a brain tumor and they thought it was malignant. She had her operation last month to take the tumour out and there was no cancer. She was not familiar with the healing power of Jesus but she sure is now and she is very grateful. So I thank you for your prayers and I thank God for his healing. - Bonita B. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada)

I have been very blessed by the material on your website and I did copy some pages of the healing scriptures for a new christian friend who is undergoing treatment for lung cancer. Praise God, last week we heard the news that her healing had manifested and she is now cancer free! Thank you so much for putting this site together. It's my favorite site on healing. - Jessie L.

I have been daily in the book you sent and all of the scriptures from your wesite. I have received much from the Lord in the healing of my back. I did not have to have surgery and a very good doctor at the Emory Spine Center in Atlanta proclaimed my healing. - Pat N.

Thank you JESUS GLORY TO GOD!!! and all prayer warriors for praying ,my mother's biopsy did not have any cancer , malignancy,or lymphoma - Dave I.

I want to say the Lord is Faithful and praise to His Holy name. I was granted sole custody of my 2 minor children and only God made this happen. Now my children will not be removed from here without my consent and they won't have to be with their father who was abusive to me and has a substance abuse problem. Thank you Father!!! - Weruche

May God Bless you prayer warriors!!! I requested that you pray for my sister to get a permanent position----------She got it! Mary is her name. I requested that you pray for the lost children of my neighborhood, two of the kids asked Jesus into their hearts last week! I requested that you pray for my mother's healing, she is doing much better! THANK YOU AND MAY OUR LORD JESUS BLESS YOU MIGHTLY. - Aggie L.

I wanted to share the first manifestation of the healing in my right eye. I went back to the eye doctor this morning and the hemorrhage is completely healed ( the doctor had to bring out a stronger lens to check and make sure). Praise God! Bless you for standing with me in this - Terry S.

Found this site 1year and a half ago during the time I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast.... It gave me the scriptures on which I built my faith to believe for my healing. To day I am cancer free. - Michelle D. (Nassau, Bahamas)

PRAISE JESUS! the lord has saved my home! I ask for prayer several months regarding my home being in foreclosure and also on getting a job so i can begin to make my mortgage payments and calm/peace/deliverance for my violent autistic son.....THE GOOD LORD JESUS gave me a new job in December, 2005 and my son is much calmer and peaceful...he has even been playing on 2 basketball teams and now I received word today that a workout plan for my home has been approved!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Back in October my husband became sick. Within a week he was unable to sleep, was jaundice, severe itching, couldnt eat, and within a months time had lost about 25lbs. He didnt sleep at night and couldnt work a full day. The doctors decided to take out his gall bladder after many tests confirmed nothing except his liver enzymes were high. After the gall bladder surgery he still did not improve. He was admitted into the hospital and during that time experienced internal bleeding and the doctors had no idea why. We kept believing and praying Gods word over him. One evening, before the hospital visit, we came home and someone had left healing scriptures from this website on our door. My husband read those every day and we visited your website. The day after the internal bleeding my husband started improving gradually and within a few days was released. The doctor wanted to do more tests and procedures but we knew in our heart there was no reason to and God had done the healing. We were sent to Indianapolis where they could give no answers to what was going on. We saw the doctor in a couple weeks and they did notice an improvement but told us to come back in a month and expected to do more tests, etc... We confessed (spoke out making faith declarations) every day that the liver was whole and working, that all was normal and no more visits or tests would be needed. In January we saw the doctor and everything was normal and no tests were needed! It was confirmed that any medicines he was on had nothing to do with the healing. My husband told the doctor the Lord had healed him and he tells whoever will listen about this. We are able to encourage others. The Lord is faithful! - Pam K.

My Wonderful Prayer Partners, I sent in a prayer request as I was going in for a biopsy because the doctors said it was cancer and wanted me to begin chemo. I was the one who asked for a biopsy because two other times they said they saw a spot and they were nothing. They said they were cancer and they were not. We did a biopsy on one (No Cancer) and the other was inflammation (nothing). I know that God has healed me. The Doctor got mad at me when I asked for a biopsy. They just wanted me to start taking chemo for a spot that they don't even know what it is; and I told them NO. When I called to schedule a biopsy, they told me it was too small to do one on but they want me to take medication for the spot. I reminded them about the other times that they said it was cancer and it was not cancer.This spot was an attack from the devil. God has been using me to win souls for the Kingdom of God. And I shall continue to do the same. - Linda F.

I thank you for your prayers and your website that I found out on the 19th of October 2005 when I really needed God's healing in my life. I submitted my prayer request to you and you replied with some very good pages to read, the healing scriptures which I started reading daily and when not reading out loud I meditated upon them. I thank the Lord because from that day its now one and a half month since I started reading the healing scriptures, reading the testimonies in the site, and I've seen God change so much in my life. I was diagnosed with HIV and early this year I was admitted to the hospital and they found out that I heard TB which affected my heart, my heart enlarged and I was so uncomfortable I stopped talking the medication because I believed in God's healing. Since I started the healing scriptures my heart has stopped paining the sharp pain that I could feel from my lungs has disappeared. I experienced some sharp pain on my upper hip bone that felt like a muscle pull, but I stood on the word and it disappeared. I lost my sense of smell due to a severe attack of flu, but standing on the word God restored back my sense of smell, now the only pain am still remainig with is the abdominal pain that i think is caused by bladder problem because when am passing urine I feel pain but I no longer believe what I feel or see but on the word of God. I know He has healed me even of the bladder infection but those are the devil's manifestation to bring fear and doubt in my life. But I know He already paid for my healing and its done in Jesus Name. The best assurance that I've gotten that has ever boosted my faith was something I read in your website that whatever I want if its in God's word then its His Will for me. - Julie O. (Nairobi, Kenya)

Hi Dan & Keiko, I sent in a prayer request awhile back for prayer for me to be healed of psoriasis and praise GOD I am healed and I give him all the praise and glory. I tell every one what GOD has done for me - praise the lord! Thank you for all your prayers God bless you - Minnie C.

Thank you for all who prayed for Firmina who was miraculously healed through the intercession of the saints. She is still in awe and gratitude for what God has done for her through all of you. - Elizabeth

I applied your scriptures on Grace some months ago, while feeling lonely and afraid of my diagnosis.Breast cancer lumpectomey removed the cancer and radiation gave me some reassurance that it would not return. However, I did not feel that I was healed. I know that healing comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. I read your site, particularly the parts about grace. Prior to that I had allowed myself to come under condemnation.; but your prayers and testimonies allowed me to declare what God had for me. That I did not have to be a perfect citizen of His kingdom to become healed. The blood of Jesus healed me right here in my room. Although, I'd knew and read of God's grace, it came alive, when I read it on your pages with your heartfelt concern for God's people. I am healed in Jesus's Name! I just want to thank you for participating in my healing. - Lamara P.

Our God is an awesome God! Moyra's MRI showed that her brain is clean and normal. Praise the Lord! She is taking her prescription and the seizures have completely disappeared. Thanks for your prayers. - Jose Z.

The Lord healed my body! The doctor could find no sign of abnormality! Thank you for praying for me! - Debbie L.

I came in the office and my stomach was not good. Actually i was speaking to my God and telling him about this situation that it is not good. So I started talking to my Father right away and I heard Him tell me that I should look for the "HEALING WORD". You know when you have problems even if you have many words sometimes you can't remember and even a single word is good from Him. So the Holy Sprit said go to the search engine and look for the HEALING WORD. Wahuu! When I started to listen and read my stomach got healed! So I praise the Lord for this web site. MAY HIS NAME BE GLORIFIED. - Happiness G. (Tanzania)

I would like to let you know that I stumbled upon your site last year when I was experiencing pain in my foot and wrists. The doctor said "Carpel tunel" but I said NO! I did what your site instructed and was immediately freed from all pain! Praise the Lord and thank you!! - Angela P.

Several weeks ago I made a prayer request that I would be healed of a virus that appeared out of nowhere. Back in July of 04, I had some “dirty water “get in my eyes at work. I was working as a plumber in a jail facility at that time. I had as a precaution been to the doctor for blood draws to track my health against such diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. In December My wife and I had decided that I would quit this hazardous line of work and seek God’s direction for another line of work without the health risks. January 6th was my last day of work. I was side swiped by this virus on that same day! I was faced with the fact that I was now unemployed and extremely ill. To top it off I had been to a urologist who suspected that I might have prostate cancer. Well I was totally convinced by the enemy of my soul and body that this was it and that there was absolutely no hope for me and my wife. I immediately began to seek out believers in Christ for their assistance in prayer and faith. When I “stumbled” on to your website I received hope and faith because of your “rightly dividing the word of God” concerning healing and salvation and the fact that the price for my healing was settled at the cross also. Well God has answered all our prayers! Thank the Lord Jesus Christ my recent blood draw revealed no HIV/Hepatitis C, the urologist says that things are looking good and doesn’t want to see me for another three months, the virus that I had has almost completely vanished! - David E.

Thank you so much for praying for Firmina, my mother, she has no pain, and this is a miracle in itself. We are waiting for results from the doctors, but she had a sudden recovery that she cannot explain. We are waiting with great faith for the test results, but she tells me that what she feels is nothing short than becoming a new person with a new body. She asked me to humbly thank each one of you that is helping her in prayer. - Elizabeth M.

A few months back I started using an acne cream that ravaged my face causing scaring and more severe acne than I have ever had. It ruined my life for a few months. I was depressed every day and was just waiting for it all to pass again so I could continue in my sinful life. Nearly 2 and a half months later on January 23 I prayed to God and confessed that I needed him in my life and I needed him to help with my healing from the acne. I found your site and prayed and worshipped and God gave me many revelations through your site and I am healed now. He gave me my life back. - Nolan C.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for agreeing with me over my healing from herpes. I returned to the US from Afghanistan a few weeks ago and after we prayed and agreed, I haven't had any more symptoms. - Mike W.

Only two days after I requested prayer I began feeling better. I have been sick for over 2 years with extreme pain. The doctors have tried many medicine and treatment and nothing seem
to help. When I found your Web page and requested prayer, you responded promptly and I praise God, he has heard your prayers. My heart desire is to serve God the rest of my remaining years. Again, thank you. - Jo Ann Van B.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. I finally did get the job full time. Praise God the almighty. - Ndumiso Q.

A few months ago, I think it was in April, I sent you a prayer request for my brother Endre who lives in Romania. My brother was diagnosed in February of this year with Hodgkin's disease stage 3. Immediately, the doctor began him on a grueling and aggressive chemotherapy treatment. In fact, the treatment was so aggressive that it could kill him. But, the Lord gave him the scripture from Mark 16:18 that says, "they will drink deadly poison and it will not hurt them at all". Through all the chemotherapy, never once did his blood work come back with values outside the normal ranges. He saw people in the same ward with him die because of the chemo, but he believed that, "a thousand may fall to his side, ten thousands to his right side, but it will not come near him."

He was told that after the chemo they will start him also on a radiation therapy. But when he went for a check up, to the doctor's great surprise, all the results came back within normal. He was told that radiation is no longer necessary and to come back in other two months for a check up. We are so grateful for God's goodness and mercy, and for His wonderful Word. - Francisca H.

Thank you so much for your prayers!! GOD has answered my prayers!! Thank GOD, Thank GOD!!!!!!!! And please, thank you so very much for you agreeing in prayer for me. I can't begin to thank you enough!! I can't begin to thank GOD enough!! GOD truly specializes in things thought impossible!! - Wanda C.

I submitted a prayer request to you and you sent out a booklet by Charles Capps "God's Creative Power for Healing." Shortly after receiving the book, and acting on the Word, I went to the doctor and blood tests showed no cancer. Praise God!!! God is no respector of persons. - Krysy K.

I have great news...I had asked for prayer regarding my ovarian tumors... I had my surgury on the 19th and got my results today - the 29th of April --benign tumors - no cancer! Praise the Lord. He healed me-body, soul and spirit and showed himself so real to me... thank you for your prayers and those healing scriptures ---what an awesome God.....Bonita B.

Thank you for praying in agreement with me. I praise the Lord! The approval letter from JPA was issued within the same day. Never in the history of JPA have they issued a lettter within the same day. Praise the lord for the power of prayer and this breakthrough. - Syim L.

Good news. God has granted me my miracle!!! All Praise, Honor and Glory to God!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. My husband has ended the divorce and has helped me out tremendously financially-we know it was God that did these things. God is working in our lives. - Carrie C.

I have been verry sick all this winter, the doctors have been running tests on me for a real bad blood clotting count and also an upper GI series for a blockage. I was so very scared of cancer. I was looking for someone to help me pray to God for a miracle, when I found your prayer line, and I sent in a prayer request. I would like all you wonderful people that prayed with me to know, both tests came back all clear, I knew our God could do it! - Tammy B.

Last week I submitted a prayer request and I just want to give a praise report, Steven M. was cleared of Cancer in the Lung, it astounded the doctor he couldn't believe what he saw. So praise our Lord Jesus Christ for his faithfulness. - Betty

Your site is included as a link to the website of our church www.sibgrace.org here in Malaysia. I've just revisited your site as a result of our link to your site. My first visit to your site was last year when I printed the scripture healing verses which have helped many of our friends and members. I've just recently received healing for a persistant skin disease and I'm so grateful to our Lord. The healing came when I could internalize the fact that it is a belief that should be confessed verbally. For a long time I said I believe and yet each time my mouth confessed the condition. Finally I realized that satan had a legal right each time I confess the skin disease so I begin to confess my healing received from the Lord. That's when it happened! Thank you for directing me and others to the bible verses. - Lina O.

Praise the Lord, just got the bio back on breast biop and I am 100% fine!!! Praise the Lord, and thanks to all of those who prayed for me. The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever - Candy M.

The reason I am emailing you is because my pastor's mother was told by her doctors that she had a couple months to live and the type of cancer she had was not treatable. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to your web site. So, I printed practically everything from your whole web site, and put it in a booklet (a huge booklet I might add). I'm here to tell you that within two weeks, the cancer shrank, and the doctors are saying it's a miracle. She's still in the process of being healed, and I wanted to say thank you for being obedient to God and putting your web site together. - Sonja

My husband sent in a prayer request for me in Sept.'03 as I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I ended up having surgery and the tumor was removed. Through it all I was totally filled with the peace of God. I am now cancer free. However, God not only took care of the cancer, but I was also healed of asthma and a scalp disorder that had been a problem for many years. God went beyond our prayer request and has completely restored me! - Carol G.

The Lord healed me of servere headaches during my praise time, I didn't even ask Him, He just did it!! Praises be to His Holy Name! - Gerrie F.

I submitted a prayer request about my father who has been in a coma for 3 months. He just woke up and came out of the coma. Praise the Lord!!! - Maria D.

A few weeks ago I asked you to pray for my abdominal region...I was in pain and awful discomfort and my body was not functioning right. I have no pain now, and my stomach and bowels feel great...even my blood pressure is coming down..thank you for praying for me...I was getting frightened and I know the Lord...but fear crept in and I was in turmoil...thank you for praying. - Georgia P.

I had written a prayer request to you sometime back. I want to thank you for your prayers, because God has been providing me with sufficient grace and I thank Him, because I can see some light of answering my prayer, which was to be blessed with a better working place and a better pay to be able to educate my sisters and brother. I once again thank you so much for your website . It has been really a blessing to me, I have even directed my friends to it and they are keeping their track with God. Thank you so much again and again and may the almighty God bless you mightly. - Norah K. G.

I have been a believer for 20 years. I have been plagued with a skin problem, which has plighted me for 7 years. On 18/11/2002, I found your web page. On the same evening I experienced healing. Although it was not complete healing, the itching has mostly left me. I feel so much better than ever in the past seven years. I know that the Lord is healing me completely. I do not know of anybody in my church who believes in healing the way you do. I stand on all the healing scriptures. I read them out loud daily. Thank you. May God bless you and all the intercessors. - Margaret W.

A couple of weeks ago, I requested prayer for Bruce & Irene Rose. We praise God for the following: Irene who had breast surgery for cancer has no evidence of cancer now. Bruce has chronic leukemia and has to have his blood monitored regularly. His checkups have been extended as his condition is stable and the disease is not progressing. We look for it to go completely. Thanks to all the intercessors for their prayers, and thank you for your website. - Norma C.

The prayer is answered. The skin problem is gone within 24 hours after I ask for prayer. Praise God. He healed us very quickly. Thank you so much for praying for us. Praise God for your ministry that can help many who are afflicted. It's such a joy and comfort to know you can turn to some people who believe God can heal you. - Ting M.

I was searching for healing scriptures as I have 4 friends with cancer right now. I was so very blessed by all the notes added to the scriptures. I am giving my friends copies of these scriptures to declare over their lives (only one has a computer). I feel very encouraged now. Also the next morning after reading these wonderful Words of God outloud over myself, the cold that had layed me low over the weekend was almost completely gone, like I never even had one! The difference was remarkable! Thank you so much for this site! - Jen

I have a wonderful praise report for you to join me in praising & thanking God our Heavenly Father for Gracefully & Gloriously providing the answers to our united prayers , in Jesus' mighty precious name. My girlfriend CAMILLE V. is a business consultant , she has her own company based in Trinidad as well, and she just finalized some major contracts that she has been working on for some time now. Her clients are going to wire transfer all of her money to her account anytime now and she is finally going to pay off a bank loan completely this week , praise the merciful name of Jesus. I have also been experiencing Great prosperity with my business and I will soon be manufacturing & distributing my own brand of products ( TERMITE CHEMICALS & RAT BAIT ) which will be distributed & sold in Agro shops , Hardwares , Supermarkets , pharmacies and other outlets nationwide to all four ( 4 ) corners of Trinidad & Tobago. I got all the workers that I need with the necessary experience in the field of termite & pest control , I recently purchased a complete range of equipment that I needed for my work and I will be purchasing my vehicle , a brand new Mitsubishi ( 4 x 4 ) pickup anytime soon in the very near future , praise God our Almighty Father in Jesus' mighty & merciful name , Amen. Thanks for all your powerful faith-filled prayers and I pray that your ministry will continue to grow & prosper in a great and mighty way. - Gavin C.

I e-mailed you about a week and a half ago asking for prayer regarding a second biopsy. The first had shown Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia.  They were looking for breast cancer.  I found this wonderful site and the prayer scriptures.  I have prayed them diligently.  My results came in today.  Absolutely no cancer cells were found.  I have learned so much through this difficult time.  His Word is powerful and it is to be trusted regardless of circumstances.  Thank you so very much for your help. - Rhoda A. P.

I want to thank you so very much for your prayers!!  As well as for this web site!!  I can't thank you enough.  My mom is out of the hospital, Thank GOD!!  It wasn't anything like the doctors  had predicted, Thank GOD!!  They ended up taking a tiny little tumor out and that was it!!  Thank GOD and heaven above!! I want to also thank you for the booklet that you sent to her.  It couldn't have come at a better time!! - Wanda

Thank you for your prayers for my toothache.  It stopped hurting the same day I found this site and followed your directions. - Cathryn M.

On April 5th I requested prayer from your site... I had extreme pain, soreness and tenderness in my right breast...I couldn't even touch it...I'm 67 years old. Now just 6 days later I am sending in a praise report - whatever it was is gone...I have no pain, soreness or tenderness...its gone and I feel normal...thank you for praying for me and providing this website for people to come to.  Thank you so much...love in Christ...Georgia P.

Thank you so much for your prayer support.  I was delivered of a huge stronghold over the weekend that had been oppressing me for over 30 years. The root of it was trust, which has affecting my trusting God.  I have determined to hold Proverbs 3:5 in my heart as my affirming scripture.  Praise God for His lovingkindness!  That He actually helps us to be free from bondage is an awesome thing.  Thanks again.  God bless! - Carol R.

My husband and I have had the financial break through we had been praying for and our marriage is doing much better. There has been such a change in my husband and I that his family and those who are close to us are wondering about the changes in our faith.

Regarding my husband's father, the doctors said that the disease is not growing anymore and one leg is completely healed. We are continuing to stand for the healing of the other leg. I know God is able and it is His will praise be to the Father and we thank Him for His precious Holy Spirit. Thank you and blessing to you who stand in prayer with our family. In Christ ~ Jaimee P.

I want to give a praise report. Recently I had pain in both my knees. I went to the doctor who said that I had some arthritis in my knees. I printed the healing scriptures from your website and kept claiming them. I recently had x-rays and the doctor says my knees are fine. Thank you  for your website. God bless you. - Pearl L.

Thank you for your prayers, my son Bill has been healed. The tumor is gone! The surgeon cleaned up some dead cells and resectioned the colon in the normal way. Praise God and bless all of the intercessors. - Dorothy G.

It has been exactly a month since I last communicated with you and I wanted to give you an update since you had been praying for my husband's healing and also sent us the booklet on healing.   I can't begin to tell you how perfectly timed the arrival of that booklet came! Ron had not been seeing much progress with his health improving and had gotten extremely discouraged.

I remember that day feeling very down as well and then when I went to get the mail, I saw that booklet and said, "Thank You, Jesus! You knew that we needed a boost of encouragement right now!"   From that point, Ron read the booklet and began reading the Scriptures three times a day.

A month ago today, my beloved could barely walk at all, could not use his right hand and his speech was a little off.   Now today, one month later, he can walk on his own using a cane, without having to lean on me for support,  is gaining the ability to write with his right hand again and his speech is very clear. Best of all, after months of refusing to go to church, he went to church with me this past Sunday.

He still is a little guarded about church due to past experiences, but he knows it is God's hand that healed him, so I am trusting the Lord that His Holy Spirit will help Ron, a  "baby" in Christ, to grow and be used for His service.  I want to thank you for all of your encouraging  emails, for your prayers and for the booklet on healing you sent to us.  The fact that you took the time to care about us really blessed us. - Angela C.

I had requested you to pray for my dad, Paul D., who was sick with cancer in the mouth ( just below the tongue) God has performed a miracle. He is now totally and completely healed. The doctor is amazed since he never expected it. He that is Mighty has done great things for us and I give God all the glory for He has done this for us in His infinite mercy and grace. I thank you and your intercessory team very much from the bottom of my heart for your fervent prayers for my dad's healing. We as a family will always remember you in our daily prayers. - Frank D.

In believing the LORD for healing of the skin disease vitiligo, I've been reading the healing scriptures and making the declarations in the little book you sent me, the Lord healed something in my body that Iwasn't expecting at all. It was my heartbeat!  It was irregular for years...... about 11 years.  I went to a dr. about it about that long ago and there was no real explanation for it except that maybe it was stress.  They monitored my heart and recorded it's behavior for 24 hrs and came to the conclusion that there wasn't anything they could do.  They thought it might be my brain sending a wrong signal telling it to beat an extra beat or make pauses, but they didn't know. I've experienced an unexpected healing that I wasn't even looking for because I was so focused on the skin problem, but GOD gave it to me. Isn't that nice? :O) - Barbara

Praise GOD !!!!!  I feel so much better.  I owe it all the the heavenly father.  I stopped talking negative about my situation.  I started praising GOD for his goodness every morning, every night, and all through the day.  I don't care who is listening, I just owe it all to the ONE who is the greatest. THAT IS GOD !!!!! Everyday I feel better.  I thank you for this prayer request/praise report line. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!! I know that when praises go up, blessing comes down. - Rheta E.

I am so excited in what the Lord has been doing in Madison's life these last few days.  As you know, last Thursday and last Monday Madison underwent brain shunt surgery and a trachea.  Both surgeries went very well, but what happen next has even made believer's out of all the nurses and doctors at the All Children's N.I.C.U.  The doctors were trying to get my daughter to agree on having a gastric tube (for feeding) put in. Because "No baby that has not bottle fed by the time they're 3 months are able to, because they have missed the window of opportunity".  Madison is 5 months.  Friday they agreed to try her on a bottle, while they did an x-ray, to make sure it didn't go into her lungs and she drank 20 cc in 15 minutes and wanted more.  She is now up to 45cc, almost a full feed.  Her level 3 retinopothy (eyes) has improved.  Her oxygen level is down to 23 percent( almost room oxygen) and she stopped dropping her platelets.  This is the first time she has increased her platelets. They went from 63,000 to 90,000.  PRAISE GOD!   The most awesome thing is seeing how excited the nurses are.  Every nurse knows who Madison Drew is now, the baby that had a 10 percent chance of survival and is now doing things that they have never seen before in 20 years of nursing.  There is no doubt in their minds that God has moved in this girls life.    To God be all the glory and praise!!!! - Janet M.

I visit your site often.  Your teachings and the testimonies have been a great comfort and inspiration to me this past month or so.  Don's healing is not yet finished in this physical world but even so the doctor ordered an early ct scan- after only one session of his second line chemo- instead of after two sessions.  The dr did not expect to see any changes in the CT scan and actually expected the cancer to have grown.  He was VERY surprised when he compared the CT scan from December with the one from February and found signifigant changes in the tumor and very visible shrinkage!  Praise Jesus! - Betty F.

I am sending you this praise report for my first cousin, Sarah. I wrote and requested prayer for her in January. She was on life support for ten days after a terrible asthma attack. I am very thankful to all who prayed for her. After spending 27 days in the hospital she is at home now. She has to have therapy for walking and getting her strength back, but "PRAISE THE LORD", SHE IS GETTING MUCH BETTER." GOD BLESS YOU ALL. - Jeanie L.

Around a month ago I wrote and asked that you pray for the salvation of my children and, an improvement in my failing financial status.  I appreciate your efforts and want you to know that I did get a slight economic boost within one week of my request.  Two companies for which I do on call work called me in and the work produced in excess of $300 to help us toward catching up on some of our expenses.  I want to thank you for your prayers - Dobie I.

Thank you for praying for me. I wanted to tell you that the Lord healed my hernia. Through your web site, I found the name of a man in Acworth that the Lord healed. I called him and he prayed for me over the phone. I felt immediately better. I visited the Church, Christ the King, where my friend who prayed attends. He and 2 other members prayed for me again after church that Sunday. Monday I had a doctor's appointment with my general surgeon. He said there was no hernia. Praise Jesus! The Friday before a doctor had felt the hernia and I felt the pain. Now I am pain free and know that Jesus will not give me more than I can handle! Your work for Him matters! Thank you again. - Lillian M.

A while back I had asked for prayers for my dad (diabetic and had to have a quad. bypass).  I just wanted to thank you and to let you know he is doing very well.  In fact probably too well and trying to do more than he should. Thanks again - Lisa L. 

Last february I sent in a prayer request on behalf of my friend Tetevi Kodjo. He was going blind, eyes were failing at a progressive rate. Now the sight of the brother is improving, to the glory of Jesus. Even without eye glasses, he can read and see from far and near! I give praise to the Lord for his faithfullness. Let us together praise the Healer, Jehovah Rapha! - Iyatan S.

I have already printed the healing scriptures, and I actually began to feel better. I read them every morning before I start working. Thank you for the prayers. - Sidney T.

I would like to thank you for your steadfast prayers. My husband, although still working in Nigeria, has moved his things back home and has committed to me and our children once again. I ask that you continue to pray for his salvation, and for our marriage to be God filled. Thank you - Margie S.

I have a MIRACULOUS PRAISE REPORT!!!!  Last week I asked God to heal my marriage and Monday he called and he's back home, with God's love and blessings my husband and I can fulfill our marriage vows.  Thank you Lord Jesus and Thanks to everyone who prayed for us.  God is Great!!!!!  We Love you Lord!!!!" - Isabel B.

I did send a prayer request last friday about my family to get saved, and my brother gave his life to the lord on monday. He still need a lot of healing in his life, but I thank JESUS CHRIST WHO IS THE ONLY SAVIOUR for the best work that he has done in my brothers life. He was involved in drugs for many years and had gone to a witch doctor, and had caused the family much pain and suffering, but now he is free. - Imogen

I have a praise report,on April 17th I asked for prayer for my brother and his family. Well I knew GOD would come thru as He has always done. That afternoon, in fact, my brother was given a temporary medicade card that payed the whole bill. He owed over 8,000, praise GOD and 250.00 in food stamps. Now thats how powerful the GOD I serve is. I know there is power in prayer, thank all of you who prayed - it payed, and most of all it has woke him up to CHRIST, something we've been praying for years. May GOD bless you all. - Brenda O.

Mom came home yesterday!! We did a barbcue and celebrated!!!!  Went from mourning to rejoicing. We're all still in awe! Thank You everyone for your prayers. - Deborah K.

Thank you so much for your prayers - they have been answered.  I went to a consultation with the doctor.  She said the cysts were benign and my other organs were clear also.  I truly believe this is a direct answer to prayer.  Again, God bless you for your care and your prayers.  And most of all, I thank God. - Fran P.

Thank you for your prayers for my friend. We were told at first that she collapsed and had no pulse , and 2 nurses performed C P R until Paramedics arrived. After being admitted to the hospital she was unconscious. The Dr. said she had to awaken on her own before they could determine the damage to her heart or if there was any brain damage. I requested prayer from your site and friends and family & my son went to the hospital and anointed her and prayed for her . In 30 minutes she woke up. The Doctor said she had actually died, and they had to shock her back into beating. She was having trouble with short term memory, but God is so good. He heard and answered all of our prayers. She collapsed { died } the thursday before Thanksgiving , and was released on Thanksgiving to go home, & 2 weeks after Thanksgiving she went back to work. That is truly a MIRACLE. Thank God. Again , Thank You for your prayers. God Bless You. - C.R.

"I have a skin condition that causes me great anxiety, and has for many many years. I knew God could heal me, I knew what His promises were. I knew He couldn't lie. And I keep reminding him of it daily almost hourly. He said that if I had faith the size of a mustard seed that it was all that was required to move mountains. But I have been expecting an instant miracle,an instant manifestation. And when it never came, I thought I must be doing something wrong. That there was something required of me, something I must do to gain favor with God.  So day after day I kept praying for my healing. And day after day I came under the attack of satan, "See I told you it isn't for you" he would say to me. But you know what, since I've been reading these words on your website, I know now that it has already been done, now I have to do is accept it. I have accepted it, it's mine. And I know that I won't be moved in my belief that one day soon, I'm going to go to the mirror and I'm going to see new skin. Thank you for this website it has truly opened my eyes. I'm rejoicing in my spirit, and in my heart.  I am no longer like the wave that is being blown to and fro in the wind. My God loved me so much that he delivered up His Son in my place. How then could he withhold anything good from me.  It was so simple I almost missed it. Thank you Lord Jesus for being the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen" - Bonnie B.


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