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"Somebody Prayed For Me"
Charles Abernathy

This past year my son married a wonderful young woman named Stephanie. They had a beautiful wedding and left for a week honeymoon in Mexico.They were looking forward to starting a new life together as man and wife. While in Mexico they did alot of physical activities and Stephanie was complaining of a pain in her upper chest... then on the way home she developed a cough and thought perhaps that she had an upper respitory infection.

When she was back home they immediately went to the hospital and took x-rays where the Doctors discovered something wasn't right. The x-rays showed a mass of some kind. It appeared to be located in her upper lung. They referred her to a specialist, and he told her it was probably some extra tissue that some people are born with, and probably nothing to worry about. But he would do a biopsy and check the results to be sure.

We weren't that concerned because the Doctor really thought that it was nothing to worry about. Stephanie is only 23 years old and in the prime of her life. To our surprise and dismay, the results came back showing cancer cells.

While on Facebook one day, I remembered that a friend worked for M.D.Anderson's in Houston. I contacted this friend and put her in touch with Stephanie and my son. In the meantime, I was searching the internet for help and healing prayer, when I came upon Pastor Dan's website, Savedhealed.com. I started reading it and felt that I was in the right place! I knew that Stephanie needed more than medical help, she need spiritual help as well.

While at the hospital, she found out that she had stage 3 lymphoma. Her tumor was 10 inches long and wrapped around a major nerve, this caused her cough and it was not in her lung but between the ribcage and her lung. After reading Pastor Dan's site, I knew what I had to do. I had to get in the Word, and act quickly! So I started printing pages and pages of healing scripture.I printed so many pages that my printer ran out of ink!

My son and I had a moment where I asked him how would he feel about me giving these scriptures to Stephanie because I wasn't sure of her religious beliefs. He said don't worry about that, please give them to her! He said that they had been praying. However my son was very upset and couldn't understand why God would allow this to come upon her, because she was so good. She literally wouldn't hurt a fly. I told him that there are things regarding God that we sometimes don't understand, but to stay faithful and believe that she can be healed and to pray! I felt such a strength in my spirit that God was with us!!

Then I spoke to Stephanie to see if she was ok with me giving her these scriptures and she welcomed them. This was a relief for me, because with all of us believing, I knew that we were on the right track. I started praying every day, as much as I could. I would say over and over "By His stripes we are healed!! God you have already paid the price, now we claim this healing of Stephanie in your precious Name!!" I can't tell you how many times that I prayed this prayer but it was alot. And while Stephanie was in the hospital in Houston, she would read her scriptures everyday and I instructed her on how Pastor Dan told us to pray, reading the scriptures over and over and putting her name in them and claiming her healing.

I also took communion at home... using crackers and juice after reading how to do this on Pastor Dan's site. I stayed constantly and diligently in prayer!! I cried alot and thanked God alot!! And tried to stay strong in my faith!! I knew that what God took us to, He would take us through, if we believed! I tried to never miss a day of prayer. And when I hugged Stephanie, I would pray in my head for God to heal her... In other words, I never let any opportunity pass where I couldn't pray for her. Pastor Dan sent us a booklet by Charles Capps called "God's Creative Power for Healing" and I gave that to Stephanie to read, and she read this everyday. We kept believing and standing on God's Word.

Three months passed, and she was due for her first PT scan... the results were astounding!! The paper said, "NO SIGN OF MALGNANCY WAS APPARENT!! NONE!! GONE!!! " A ten inch tumor, just gone!! Vanished.... no more!!!! I cried out to the Lord in thanks!!! And I knew that God had healed my sweet Stephanie! She has since had other PT scans which continue to confirm the truth - that she is HEALED!! God said in Nahum 1:9 that affliction will not rise up a second time!!

Alot of good came out of this bad situation. My children got closer to the Lord... and I now know that this is my purpose in life, to help others by spreading God's Word. In fact, just recently I was sharing this truth with a new friend on Facebook who was suffering with cancer as well and having one bad report after another. She just had her first good report after doing the same thing - standing diligently on God's healing Word. He is the same today, as He was yesterday. If you believe and have faith, there is nothing impossible with our Jesus, our Lord!! ~ Kelly Dickinson

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