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For you O Lord will bless the righteous with favor you will surround him as with a shield.   Psalm 5:12

"Softly and Tenderly"
Marjorie Harrell


It is a truth that faith can only operate where the will of God is known. Ignorance is no excuse, especially in the day in which we live. There has never been a time when so much information has been made available to mankind. While the Word of God must hold first place in our lives, and we must continually "feed" on its truths, there are some very wonderful books I highly recommend which are in line with scripture and expound on the Word of God pertaining to healing, wholeness and spiritual development. All of these wonderful life changing books can be ordered from your local Christian book store, Amazon.com or directly from Harrison House Publishers. I will also include the ISBN #. My personal suggestion is that you would seek to own all of the books listed below. While some of these are older books, they are true classics and I guarantee you will not be the same after saturating your spirit with the truths contained within each one.


"The Walk Of The Spirit - The Walk Of Power"

The Walk Of The Spirit - The Walk Of Power - By Dave Roberson. Download a free copy - Walk Of The Spirit Download Page You will need adobe reader to read this pdf file format. And you can download that for free as well on This Adobe Download Page . Do not let anything keep you from reading this book! Anything!!!

This is by far the best and most down to earth, practical expose and understanding on the precious gift of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit I have ever come across. Every Christian needs to read and have a firm understanding of the information presented in this book - your future depends upon it. You won't be able to stop reading once your start. Discover how to understand and know your calling, your purpose in life and how to receive revelation knowledge that the Lord desires for every person in the Body of Christ to know. If you thought you had a pretty good understanding on this subject, I am confident you will discover so much more that will take you to brand new levels of understanding, way beyond where you are now. This is vital, must read information for every believer no matter what your denominational affiliation is.


"Bodily Healing and The Atonement"

Bodily Healing and The Atonement - By Dr. T.J. McCrossan. Kenneth Hagin's Faith Library Publications, ISBN#0-89276-505-4. An excellent study into healing. Dr. McCrossan was a highly respected Hebrew and Greek scholar and taught Hebrew and Greek in the Manitoba University. This book is only 98 pages long, and although he goes into the Greek and Hebrew showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that healing is in the Redemptive Plan for all who will come, it reads easily and you will have no trouble understanding clearly. This book is a "must have" to obliterate the doubt that the devil uses against the afflicted believer and will instill the proactive faith that will apply the word of God regarding healing. This will be a great addition to your library and your faith will be greatly enhanced!


"Christ The Healer"

Christ The Healer - By F. F. Bosworth. Published by Flemming H. Revell Company, ISBN# 0-8007-5124-8. This book is a true classic and probably the finest ever written concerning healing. If you are serious about walking in health, or are presently suffering with sickness or disease, then you must have this book! Just about any question you might have had regarding this topic is answered in this book, you won't want to put this one down once you start to read. I guarantee that you will not be the same after reading this book.

"God's Creative Power For Healing"

God's Creative Power for Healing - By Charles Capps . Published by Harrison House Publishers  ISBN# 0-89274-815-X. This is a"mini book" measuring only 3 1/4" X 5 1/4", and only 46 pages, but don't let it's small size fool you, this book is one of the largest in my arsenal against sickness and disease. There is a small teaching in the beginning and toward the end, giving clear understanding to the powerful place our words play in our health and healing. Clearly this is one area that most believer's need help in understanding. Located in the middle of the book are healing scriptures written in the first person and categorized by the topic of ailment you may be dealing with. They are small enough to fit in a purse or shirt pocket. I buy bundles of these and give them away to those I minister to. This is the little book that Dean read 3 times a day as he prepared himself, building his faith for healing, claiming the promises of God. See the testimony of Dean & Janet Davis - Check it out!


"God's Medicine"

God's Medicince - By Kenneth Hagin. Published by Kenneth Hagin's Faith Library Publications, ISBN#0-89276-053-2. Another "mini book" that is a great one to hand out and the same size as above and only 32 pages. One of the great blessings about these little books is the fact that they are so small they are easily received and digested by the afflicted. When you are hurting and are in need of answers NOW, it's comforting to know that you don't have to read through something as big as the phone book to begin to see the light!


"Healed Of Cancer"

Healed of Cancer - By Dodie Osteen. Published by Harrison House Publishers ISBN# 091-263-1333 This book is one of the greatest testimonies on healing ever to be put into print. Dying with liver cancer, with her weight at around 80lbs, she got hold of Norvel Haye's book "How To Live and Not Die" and gained the understanding that healing was for her. She searched the Scriptures and relates her pathway to a total recovery. The principles in this book work on any sickness and disease, not just for cancer. She also lists all of the healing scriptures she used to help her receive healing. This testimony is a great blessing to the Body of Christ! A Must Read Book!

"How To Live and Not Die"

How To Live and Not Die - By Norvel Hayes. Published by Harrison House Publishers ISBN# 0-89274-395-6 The Lord led me to this book when I was afflicted and in great need, and this book was very instrumental in my preparation for healing. I remember when "the lights came on" and I finally received the understanding regarding healing, I cried out to the Lord saying "Norvel was right!" This book is just GREAT!!! There is also a six cassette tape series, by the same title, and is also a must have. To be able to "hear" the authority principles and the actual testimonies are truly faith producing. These are also available through Harrison House. Great testimonies and instruction. Those that have gotten the tapes and obeyed the Word have been healed! I referred this tape series to Diana Hopkins and she claims today this was one of the main turning points in her being able to receive healing and she still uses these principles to remain healed! See the testimony of Diana Hopkins Highly recommended!!!

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