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Storms of Life


One night, early in May 2017, as I was spending time with the Lord around midnight, I began to hear a battering of abnormally strong wind gusts outside. While it had been windy throughout the day, the wind had been steadily increasing with intensity throughout the evening.

However, what I was now hearing reminded me of the wind storm we encountered in 2011 which caused major damage, uprooted many large trees, damaged homes, toppled many power poles and main feed lines and left over 440,000 without power for many days.

I sensed the Lord telling me to go outside and take authority over the situation. Once outside I noticed the large old-growth trees around us being whipped violently by the intense gusts. Their large boughs straining from the abuse of the winds. I faced the wind, bound the devil over this situation and began to command the wind to cease in Jesus Name. I then proceeded to declare that we will have no damage to our property, our neighbors property or within the whole San Gabriel Valley. I began to declare the Shalom Peace of God over our region. The winds continued to gust violently, as if mocking and defying my declaration of faith.

The Lord then told me to lift my hands and loose His power and authority through worship. I lifted my hands and began to sing in English as well as in the Spirit, declaring His goodness, His majesty and His grace. After worshiping for a short while, I sensed a release in my spirit, and went inside the house - the winds still raging. As I climbed into bed, it was as if someone flipped a switch - the winds just stopped - and that was the end of it - storm over. Amazing!!!

Regarding the destructive wind storm of 2011, we were in bed and at around two o'clock in the morning I was woke up and became aware of a sustained sound as of a frieght train. Keiko was awake as well, and I could hear the clattering of debris being blown down the streets. Our home answering machine was clicking on and off as the electricity was on the verge of going out. I got out of bed and got dressed. Keiko asked what I was doing and I told her I was going outside to take care of this situation.

Once outside, I faced the winds and spoke out in His authority for the winds to cease declaring that we would NOT lose power nor have any damage. The winds began to subside slowly over the next hour or so AND although no one had power in our area - our house never lost it - nor did our home suffer any damage. In the morning the affected cities around us resembled a war zone - debris everywhere. For 3 days, it was a sea of blackness at night for not only our city but for most of the surrounding cities, and many did not get power restored for up to 7 days. 440,000 people were without power but our house and our three neighbors were the only ones with power for many miles around. We even had three street lights on in front of our four homes.

When other Christians at our church heard that we had power they were amazed and some said to me: "God loves all of His children the same, why do you have power and we don't? Is it just because you're a Pastor and have some special connection?" I asked them if they did what I did when they heard the storm? Of course they said no, and I simply replied - that's the difference. I simply took hold of God's revelaed provision, acted upon it and employed faith and authority over the situation - you could have done the same! Not only did we benefit but our 3 closest neighbors benefited as well from my declaration of faith.

Pertaining to this recent wind event, I noticed the results of my exercising authority came so much quicker than in 2011, which I believe was directly connected to the release of His power through worship.

As I began to reflect on what had just transpired, I was reminded of the story of Moses on the hill over looking the battle as Israel fought against the Amalekites in Exodus 17. When Moses lifted his hands to the Lord - Israel prevailed, when he tired and lowered his hands Amelek prevailed. Moses’ lifting His hands to the Lord was symbolic of worship, intercession, honor and the release of God’s power and favor.

The life of God, His manifest presence, is experienced and released through worship. Psalm 22:3 states that God inhabits or is enthroned among the praises of His people. I want to encourage you to begin to set time aside daily to come before the Lord in personal, private worship, allowing heart-felt praise to burst forth.

I wonder how many “storms of life” we needlessly encounter, all because we do not honor the Lord and daily release His power for victorious living through worship. If you don’t have a worship time set aside yet, start small with just 15 minutes per day. I guarantee you will begin to encounter Him in fresh new invigorating ways. Worship IS the well-spring of all power, and the well-spring of all life, and the very environment we were created for.

Dan Downey
All Rights Reserved (c)
Dan Downey 2020

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