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What Do You Have!

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A few years ago, I unfortunately developed problems with severe lower back pain. My back would just lock up from time to time. When it did, I would be bent and crooked from the waist up and would suffer with intense pain. Even the most simplistic movement proved to be a major struggle and this condition would usually last for a week or more. Not only would it cause me to have to take time off from work, I would also have to go and see a doctor and get treatments to help speed the recovery process. I never knew when this debilitating situation was going to occur, and it seemed as if there was no rhyme or reason as to what was triggering it.

As I am an avid hiker and back packer, the situation required for me to stop all of my hiking activities as I did not want to take a chance of my back going out while I was away in the wilderness. After all, how in the world would I ever get down off the mountain if my back locked up, and I surely didn't want to be featured in a helicopter rescue on the six o'clock evening news! Well, to make a long story short, I eventually received my healing and had no more problems with back pain. I was once again able to resume my normal activities and was back to enjoying pain free hiking and overnight backpacking once again. Thank God!!!

On one particularly beautiful day, I was out hiking in the San Gabriel mountain range which is very near my home in Southern California. I was having a wonderful time talking with the Lord and being refreshed by all of the magnificent beauty. As I was coming down the mountain, all of a sudden a sharp pain hit me in my lower back. My first thought was, "No way! I've already been healed of back pain years ago, what's this doing trying to come back upon me?" I instantly stopped hiking and laid my hand on my lower back and began to rebuke the pain.

Sam Merrill trail between Echo Mt. & Mt. Lowe - 2003

As you can probably imagine, my mind raced back to the past and began to remember all of the pain I had endured with this terrible problem years ago. Fear slowly began to take hold whispering a rather convincing appeal that I might have to completely give up hiking and ...... Right then, I took hold of myself and shouted out loud, "No way! I am healed and that is that!"

At that moment the Lord spoke to me within my spirit and posed what I thought was a rather peculiar question, He said "What do you have?" I thought about it for a moment and before I could answer, I saw within my minds eye two separate scenarios of a man throwing a large ball to another man. In the first scenario, the man on the receiving end just stood there and allowed the ball to bounce off of his chest and roll away. The second scenario, the man on the receiving end caught the ball and having a firm hold upon it, wrapped his arms around it and drew it in close to his body. Then the Lord asked, "Did you see that? He caught it and has possession of it. Now let Me ask you again, what do you have?"

I understood immediately what He was talking about, and I began to say out loud, "I have the blessing of the Lord, I have what the Word of God says I can have. I have health and I have all that Jesus purchased for me to have. It's mine, I take it by faith and I lay claim to it now!" Then I shouted loudly, "I do not have back pain, it doesn't belong to me and I won't have it, I choose to let it go, it's not mine!"

In the past, I had trouble with believers saying they don't have something when it obviously was present within their bodies. I thought it was lying. I reasoned if cancer was present in a believer's body, and they were confessing or speaking that they do not have cancer, to me it was a lie, no matter how hard they tried to pass it off as faith. I had heard many Christian ministers telling people not to confess the problem, and when it came to sickness, quite frankly, it sounded to me like denial.

But on that special day, way up on the mountain, the Lord gave me a clear understanding by asking me, "what do you have," or what do you possess? It was clear: We as Christians are entitled to everything that Jesus bought and paid for with His precious Blood. In other words, the entire Word of God!

Now what a person has, or what they are possessing within their heart or belief system, can be quite another thing. We are all at different places in faith and spiritual maturity.

Now having said all of this, allow me to ask you a question. What are you possessing? What do you have, or better yet, what are you laying hold of? Are you looking beyond your circumstances to the promises contained within the Word, seeing yourself as a recipient of them, knowing they are a reality now and will be manifesting in the natural soon ? Or, have you become convinced by the symptoms that you've been dealing with that this is how you will have to live for the rest of your life? Sometimes this can be very subtle.

I remember a time many years ago when I had developed a food allergy. I would experience terrible headache pain that would last for days. My body temperature and chemistry would change, I would become irritable and would feel just awful. I soon learned, through a process of elimination by keeping a food log, that milk products were causing most of the problems. I also discovered that I had to stay away from nuts, chocolate and fried foods.

My life changed dramatically as I had to read the labels of all food that I was going to consume to make sure the bad ingredients were not contained within the product. I even learned to eat cheese-less pizza, if you can imagine that. I found that I could live with the problem and live a somewhat normal life. From time to time the problem would reoccur, as I would unknowingly eat something that had an offending ingredient, and I would go through the terrible suffering all over again.

One day as I was complaining to the Lord about the situation, He spoke clearly to my spirit and said, "You've grown complacent and have learned to live with the problem. Why don't you take the same advice you give to others and get busy and take a firm stand upon the Word, and get RID of it instead?"

Looking back on it now, because of my passive attitude with the Word, I think it would be appropriate to say that in a sense, I had a kind of possession or hold on the allergic condition, as I was clearly allowing it to remain. God's promises were there all of the time, but I had become comfortable and was not taking a proactive stand by rejecting it completely through the Word. One thing was for certain, whether or not you would agree that I had a hold on it, it sure had a hold on me!

The Lord was right. I had grown lazy in my faith and had learned to tolerate the problem. I immediately took my God's Creative Power for Healing booklet and began to get busy. I made up my mind that everyday I would take a long walk, reading the scriptures pertaining to healing, claiming them over my body, rebuking the allergy, commanding it to leave. I made up my mind that I would stand for the truth of God's Word and would agree with it and have it manifest in my body. I would stand for nothing less, as I knew for a fact that His Word was true.

I took a firm, proactive approach and went after it, knowing the right of health was a bought and paid for gift that Jesus gave to the Church through His redemptive act on the cross. It wasn't long before I was completely healed and back to eating pizza with cheese! (Good for me taste wise, bad for my waist line).

I've come to the place in my life, that when any type of sickness tries to come upon me, I immediately remember the picture the Lord gave me of the man catching a ball and firmly holding onto it. I speak out immediately with a certainty of knowing of what belongs to me saying, "I don't have sickness (disease or pain), what I have is the Word of God and all of the blessings associated with it. I am the healed of the Lord, I am not the sick!" Then I command the problem to leave in the Name of Jesus Christ! And I do it over and over, every time it comes to mind, until it leaves and healing is manifested in my body. You see, I've become convinced through the study of the Scriptures that healing and health are a purchased possession given to us the church. It is our right and privilege in our position in righteousness. Did you know that the Word tells us that we've become the righteousness God in Christ Jesus? (2 Corinthians 5:21). If you are dealing with a health situation, I would encouage you to do the same, become convinced, dig in to the Word and gain a knowing within your heart that healing belongs to you - it is the foundation stone of faith.

I know that some who are reading this have been dealing with symptoms for quite awhile. Some may even have begun to feel discouraged. But I want to encourage you to get back up on your faith and begin to take hold of the blessings of the Word of God in an aggressive, proactive manner.

The Bible says that when you are born-again, you are more than a conqueror, that you are a child of God, that you are an heir of God and joint heir with Jesus Christ. You are destined to win and destined for greatness, and you were not created to lose. You are the recipient of His grace and that includes all that He is and all that He has. If you are born again, then you need to realize that the Spirit of God dwells on the inside of you, and He has never lost a battle, and you belong to Him!

Keep in mind that our God is a big God and the devil is a little devil. Jesus defeated him for us and placed him under our feet! We've been made free from the curse of the law. We are a special people anointed by Him to rule and reign on this earth, it is out-of-order for circumstances or symptoms to rule and reign over us!

Know that God has big plans for you, so don't you allow sickness or disease to put a stop to them. Dare to dream, and I mean dream big. I don't care how old you are, or how many times you've failed. Everyday is a new beginning with the Lord. Ask the Lord to surround you with people of faith, ask Him to have them cross your path in life.

I love what Proverbs 10:22 says: "The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it." This Scripture isn't just speaking financially, it's speaking about wealth, prosperity and wholeness in every area of life - the whole blessing - Isn't that great!

Take a firm hold on the blessing of the Lord today, possessing your possessions in Jesus Christ. Now, let me ask you this question once again - what do you have?

Dan Downey
All Rights Reserved (c)
Dan Downey 2004

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